07 January 2018

Make Modern Magazine

I am excited to tell you about my new pattern in the bi-monthly on-line quilting magazine Make Modern!!  
Is one of your New Year's resolutions to learn something new?  Have you ever tried fabric weaving?  If you answered Yes and then No, then I have something fun just for you!!
This mini quilt is made by weaving 3 strips of fabric together, to create little hearts.  I used "Paperie" fabric from Amy Sinibaldi for this example in the magazine.
And hand quilted it with my favorite Variegated Embroidery Thread from Cottage Garden.
I am a visual learner and if you are too and need a little help in the journey of discovering how to do fabric weaving you are in luck, Mathew of Mister Domestic has just released 6 videos all about how to do fabric weaving.
So go get my pattern from Make Modern Issue 20, I have a special code for you to use to get it for only 6AUD, that's less than $5!  Use code MM20for6 only available today, so go quickly!  Perhaps you are already a subscriber, because they do a lot of fun patterns and I really enjoy reading the articles.
I also used the pattern, but enlarged it to create this mini using the cotton twill tape that Moda uses to wrap their FQ bundles.

Would love to see your version if you make one, send me an e-mail or tag it #heartweave on social media.
Hope you have a wonderful New Year, did you make any New Year's resolutions? 
Mine are to blog more often :) and also to start sewing my own clothes, wish me luck, hehehe.

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sweetfallenangels said...

I was looking for a patchwork fabric heart to go on one of my project pieces - this might just fit the bill!