28 February 2010

My Boys

Here are my boys at work, little Nik chopping the branches, Arthur loading up the van, and big Nik using the chainsaw to cut down the tree.

13 February 2010

IT IS A .......

Sorry for the delay

We have known for sure for sure since last Friday when we did this ultrasound, I just haven't had the chance to put a picture up. The due date will not be given until the beginning of May but the doctors tell me that they do C-sections during the 38th week of pregnancy and this means around June 9th. She is healthy and I am healthy, trust me we have done all of the test. p.s. this is a picture of her head for those of you not familiar with ultrasound pictures.

Funny story she was sleeping very soundly during our one hour appointment the doctor even had me get up and walk the hallway, but she didn't move an inch. Arthur and I figured it was because her big brother wasn't around to harass her so we said his name and sure enough she woke right up and turned around to look. The doctor was then able to do the final measurements and check her heart.

10 February 2010

Favorite Commercial (YouTube Video)

This is one of Nik's favorite commercials we can be in another room and he will hear it on the TV and start dancing, very cute. Cosmote (youtube video) is a Greek mobile phone company that has 100% coverage even on the remote islands like the one shown in this advertisement. The jist of it is when the new guy arrives and starts to use his mobile, the other guys ask if it is Cosmote and then they say "Sima Cabana" (clear signal) you can call your girlfriend to assure she is not cheating, you can send SMS, you can call delivery for kebabs, and you can call your mom to help you make stuffed tomatoes and how to do the laundry.


Every male must do one year of military service, Arthur did his for 2 years (different law then).