24 May 2012

The coolest FREE thing

I learned about this website from another blog and just had to share it, you can spend hours fixing or making new photos on this website.

Definitely try to check it out, there is so much fun stuff on there from mustaches (just in case 1 person didn't have theirs on at your party Kelly) to a button that supposedly slims you (I need this one).  Here are a few examples of the stuff I have done.

Have fun, I know I am!

20 May 2012

Finally - Pictures of Easter

I apologize for the lateness, you see the issue was that we took the photos on my camera and it is a real pain in the youwho to get them downloaded on to my computer, in fact I haven't used it since last year and will post some of those pics later.
 This is Kat's godmother, a really great girl named Ero, she is living down in Crete right now, but she came up here for Easter.  Her and her mother came to visit our house the day before Easter and then we went to theirs on Easter.
 Ero had this Minnie hanging on her wall and Kat has been in love with Minnie ever since Eric came to visit and he brought her a toy Minnie (we came home with this minnie also).
 The reason you DO NOT want us to visit your house is the fact that my children have NO PROBLEM at ALL in making themselves at home, I believe they jumped on every bed in Vaso's house (Ero's mother).
 Our absolutely delicious Easter dinner, Lamb and potatoes baked in the oven, yummy!
 Easter Egg hunting, done later in the day, although the eggs where "laid" earlier we rushed off to go visit Ero.  Don't worry we didn't eat them not only did they sit in the hot sun for a couple of hours but I also under cooked them, ΓιαΓια  did a better job at cooking her eggs and Nik really enjoyed eating his.  Thanks to my friend Kat (kathleen) in Oregon we had some beautifully colored eggs.
 Baby Kat spotted the eggs out faster than Nik but for some reason didn't get the whole thing about picking them up, so she only got one.  Nik on the other hand who is very competitive got the rest and "won" .
 Kat pointing out the egg that Nik can't see, I guess she is just at a lower level.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

07 May 2012

More Greek News

Yesterday was voting day for the new government in Greece, all Greeks over the age of 18 have voted.  Not like the US were you vote if you want to or you can just skip it, here it is mandatory.
But in typical Greek fashion, there was no ONE winner, instead the guy who got the top votes will probably make a coalition government with the 2nd, 3rd and possibly the 4th place winners.  Unless if you go the route of the communist party, and that would be a re-vote, of course they are just asking for that for 2 reasons: they came in 5th and they always like to be contrary to whatever the rest of the government is saying.  So once again wishing the best of luck to the future of Greece.

06 May 2012

Another 5 Years

We got my Visa on Friday, so I am good for staying in the country for another 5 years.  Of course in typical Greek fashion the Kalampaka town hall didn't communicate with the Trikala office and instead of a 10 year Visa I got a 5 year one.  Oh well, and people wonder why the country is failing, little things like the fact that they never listen to each other is only one of them.

03 May 2012

Walking the footpath

Here we are walking up the footpath, ignore my heavy breathing, Nik is talking about his shoes.  I love the way Kat walks like her brother, she loves to copy him, sometimes a curse but mostly just cute.