17 March 2018

Mind Blowing

Hello, hello, I am about ready to share what has blown my mind this last week!
A new to me way to get the photographs I have always wanted!
When I see someone making great photos, I ask them, how do you make such great photos, and they are always so nice to share their secrets.  The top two seem to be...
1. Photograph next to a sunny window
2. Use a photo enhancing program, like photoshop
Well I try to photograph by a sunny window, I only have one room with a window, but I do try to make it there when the sun is shining.  The photoshop thing though was way out of my pay league at this moment, so that was a big fat no, on using that tip.

I have also taken Photography classes with Craftsy, I found these 2 really helpful, Product Photography At Home using the tip about the paper backing was helpful and I found something similar at my local paper shop.  Look at this before and after photo, just from changing my "background"
Not a huge difference, but noticeable, just by changing the background to a flat white roll of paper

The next class was Basics of digital photography I really likes his class, because I was actually able to remember all the information about Aperture and etc.  I have taken many photography classes, but most of the info just goes in one ear and out the other, but for some reason when he talked about it, I was finally able to understand.  Of course it might of helped that he did his photography in New Mexico and it made me slightly homesick so I watched the videos with an eagle eye.

How were you able to watch all of these classes you ask?  Did you come into some money?  No I didn't come into money but Craftsy now has a program called Craftsy Unlimited and it is awesome, I only signed up for a month, but I would love to sign up full time, it was wonderful being able to watch whatever class I wanted without feeling the pressure of what if I don't like the class.  When in College I always signed up for 18 or 21 credits, just in case there was a class I didn't like, I could easily drop it and not worry about going below my 15 credits a semester rule.  This is how I felt about the Craftsy Unlimited, I could start to watch a class, but if I didn't click with the teacher or found the subject wasn't what I wasn't looking for, no problem I would stop watching and look for a different class.
On the left is the flat white background, and on the right is after I have used FotoFuze

Now to tell you about the FREE computer site that will take your photos from looking drab to fab..
This takes your I tried to make this a white background and makes them truly white.  I think it adds a professional look to my pictures, like they are out of a magazine.
This one here is more noticeable in the difference, using the FotoFuze photography editing software.

Where did I hear about this site?  Well this is another thing you will need to do if you are a Etsy seller or a Small Business owner, go sign up for Renae Christine FREE webinar titled,"Your First 100 Etsy Sales", you can find her HERE.

So what do you think?  I'm excited to do more of the things that Renae mentions in her webinar, exciting things to come.
  #washisnackpacks filled with fabric washi and 2.5" charm pack.