02 February 2011

3 years old

Nik turned 3 last Saturday the 29th, the next day he came down with the flu and has been battling with it all week. On Sunday he was awake for only 4 hours total all day, it was the quietest day I have had in a very long time. He is feeling better but still has a hacking cough and if he gets started with the coughing then he ends up throwing up, a vicious cycle that doesn't help his throat any.

Last year he was Mr. Independent but now he is suffering from separation anxiety, I can't wait for the old days to come back. He is even shy with his grandma when he first comes down to KokaRoka and will hold on to my pants and hide behind me.

Other fun things happening with him:
  • He has an active imagination, he loves to take everything pile it into the living room and pretend it is snow and jump around in it. He also "goes fishing" and "drives a car" (the cushions and pillows surrounding him).
  • He likes to feed everyone, if he's eating then you should be too! with words like "want", "try" and "like?", this includes his baby sister.
  • following that - he loves to cook and wants to help in the kitchen. This can be really fun until he picks up the big knife or something similar and scares the crap out of me.
  • He plays very well with his sister and shares all of his toys.
  • He liked getting all of the presents for Christmas and now gives "presents" handing his pacifier to his sister and saying present and giving me one of his toys or an object.
  • He doesn't use sentences very often but he is bilingual and will say something in Greek and then in English or the other way around.
  • He plays pretty rough with his toys and the only toy that seems up to taking the abuse is Lego's. Anything else plastic is put into two categories, the cheap toy (sometimes not so cheap)- lasting only one day, and the moderately good toy- lasting for a couple of days.
Well this is all I can think of right now, overall we have a pretty busy time and I can't wait to send him off to pre-school next year. As summer approaches I am going to try to do a little more sitting with him and doing "school" activities, so he can get used to it.