29 May 2008

4 Months

Nik is 4 months old today, we are in the 6 month clothes and these are even starting to look a little on the small size. It's bloody hot here and I know that I would rather not wear any clothes and I think Nik is feeling the same way. His skin gets these red blotches when he is hot.
He is very easy to entertain, kind of like Jon when he was little I remember we could give Jon some paper clips and he was a happy boy, Nik loves textures and colors. He stares forever at his dog taggie blanket made by Kelly. He has also learned to play "where's the baby?", he will take his sheet and pull it up over his face, his legs and arms start to flail around and we can either say "where's the baby?" and he will pull the sheet down or we pull the sheet down. I think it depends on if he is trying to get our attention then we have to do the pulling down, but if he is just playing he will pull it down himself (I'll get a video of it for you guys, totally cute).
Arthur and I think he has 2 words down Gala and Mama, at least that's what they sound like when he is wailing for one or the other. Gala is Milk in Greek much easier to learn than the harsher sounding word Milk.

27 May 2008


I have the coolest name, MARA, if you have never looked it up you should check it out. I have always known that it was in the Bible, in fact the Book of Ruth is all about Mara and Ruth, 2 women pretty rare. But I also have several tribes of people named after me, a river a stream and a very famous refuge in Africa and several goddesses. Yippee! for me don't you wish your name was just as famous.

22 May 2008

Two Thumbs

Niks favorite toy is his hands, he can stare at them, hit things with them and he especially likes to chew on them. He is now in the habit of trying to shove both of his thumbs into his mouth at the same time, along with all of this thumb chewing is a lot of drool. He has even started trying to put his thumb in his mouth along with his milk bottle, this makes it a little hard for the milk to come out but it is the funniest thing to see.

18 May 2008

Greek Cousin Wedding

The wedding was in Larissa about 1 1/2 hours away. We first went to visit Arthur's Grandmother, this is the first great grandchild that she has seen, she has 4 others but they live in Australia.
This is a picture taken at Arthur's uncles place, 1st cousin Kristos(the one getting married), Arthur, Fotine(cousin from Athens), Nik and Me.
Uncle Lambros from Athens

The groom meets the bride outside of the church and they walk down the aisle together.

A picture with the bride and groom outside of the restaurant.
Once again we left the wedding party before I could enjoy some cake, this is my third Greek wedding and I still haven't tasted what their cakes are like. The music was the typically very loud clarino music and baby Nik was pretty exhausted and it was just to much for him, so we left early. Over all he was a very good baby and everyone talked about how beautiful he is, he enjoyed the attention but didn't do much talking like he does when Arthur and I are around, the video below shows how he normally communicates.

Greek Cousin Wedding Video #2

Our shy little boy finds himself only talking to us. When we got to the car and it was just Arthur and I, Nik couldn't stop talking but in front of strangers he was smiling but no coos or giggles.

Greek Cousin Wedding Video #1

Even with the Greek music playing and people talking, Nik is sacked out from the excitement of meeting cousins and his great grandma.

15 May 2008

The way Arthur Changes a Diaper

On the right you can see a beer can, Arthur enjoys a few sips while changing Nik in the bathroom.

12 May 2008

Heal Thyself

I also went to the doctor today to do a check up on the gall bladder stones, THEY ARE ALL GONE. The doctor was amazed in fact he had me lay on my stomach, on my side, on my back and stand up several times while he searched for them. He even looked at my spleen and kidneys for the stones, but they are all gone. He told Arthur "Where did they go?", it was really funny, I think I stumped him by getting rid of them naturally instead of having an operation. He asked for us to come back in the beginning of July to do the test again at no charge. He will be even more amazed when we come back and they are still gone, I think he assumes that they will come back.

Nik Stats

We went to the doctor today for Nik to have his second immunization shot, he only gained one kilo or 2.2 lbs ( now at 6.2 kilos). I thought he gained so much more, I am going to have some really strong muscles by the time he decides to walk. The doctor said he is 25 inches, she said he is very strong and going to be tall like his mommy (ME). He loves to stand up and he can stare at different textures and colors forever, thank you Kelly for the taggy blanket, he loves it (you can see it pictured in the background on the last photo).

06 May 2008


Little Nik, has my feet, Thank goodness.

01 May 2008

Don't Play With Matches

Shake it!
Serious Face.

Most parents wouldn't give their children matches to play with, but have you ever shaken a match box, it makes a great rattle. Nik has learned the pincer grip and can now grab and hold things with his index finger and thumb. Someone will have to teach me the video thing, but if you scroll down fast enough you can get the idea.