22 September 2009

Video of Nik

Here's a video of Nik helping out with the washing of the carpets.
Both Arthur and his mom keep telling him to use both hands.
Then a gypsy goes by with some onions.
A typical day in Greece.

21 September 2009

What we have been doing

Riding a Watermelon
Working on a New roof
Helping Grandpa get nuts
Climbing a wall
Eating Ice Cream

A whole lot of money spending.

We have been working on our house for a while and now have a new roof including a beautiful gutter that goes all the way around the house and a new tiled backyard. We are still clearing away the debris that the workers left behind but thankfully they finished just before all of the rain that we have been having for the past two weeks and the gutters are working wonderfully. For our next step I will need to try to get rid of the mold that was created from a faulty roof and gutters.

We also spent money on our trip for the States and have all of the flights arranged and even a car rental. I bought all new clothes for Nik that he has actually been wearing for the past week since it has been so cold, but Arthur assures me that is will warm up again. I sure hope so, I don't think I can enjoy a winter that has already started and would continue for another 6 months, ughh!

We are getting super excited about our trip, Arthur will be happy to meet everyone and I will be happy to do some shopping and see family and friends. Nik who has no idea about the trip will have a lot of fun being able to touch some animals and play with some kids. But here is my warning about our little bundle of joy, he's fast. He can run and climb very quickly. Today not only did he scale our ladder in the backyard with ease but he was hanging over the edge of the second story balcony while I thought Grandpa Nik was watching him, almost gave me a heart attack when I saw him leaning over. He likes big trucks and building equipment, he likes to go on rides in the car to go get ice cream and bread. If he could touch every cat and dog that we see he would as it is I have to catch him sometimes giving hugs to our cat, very cute, but we have now found two ticks on him. He doesn't watch much TV but if he sees a boat or animals it will grab his attention for a little while. His favorite food has now become pepperoni sausages (from his fathers genes) and ice cream (from his mother's genes).

11 September 2009

Bryan and Valerie are here

My cousin Bryan and his wife Valerie are here on a visit from Austin, Texas. It's so great having some company come and visit, what are you waiting for? You must come too!

03 September 2009

Come Fly with Me

Air France is having some super hot deals right now, you can fly into Athens for around $700 dollars, round trip. So come on over for a visit and we will give you a lift to the airport if you leave on the same day as us, Nov. 7th a Saturday.
Check out Delta too! we got our tickets from them.

01 September 2009

We're On Our Way

Here We Come!

The Dates are settled we have our plane tickets!

Nov. 7 - Nov. 16 Washington

Nov. 16 - Nov. 22 Colorado

Nov. 22 - Dec. 2 California

We hope to see everyone!

Nik will be ready to climb anything!

Arthur will be ready to drink a beer with you!

and me, anyone want to babysit?