29 April 2008

Bridgman Blog

Hey what's up with the Bridgman family blog, I can't even write comments because I'm not a family member and I had to find out about it while playing on the computer. LET ME IN! As far as I know my brothers don't even know about it, of course I do see that my mom has her name down, but she didn't inform me about the blog.

Easter 2008

Arthur had some friends from Athens come to visit for a few days, they stayed upstairs and had us roast a lamb for them on Easter (sunday), we also had lamb on Sunday (pictured below).
Big Nik, Mara, baby Nik and Katerina. Nik is wearing a new quilted blanket made by Auntie Karen in Colorado, notice how long he is, my bottom hand is holding his feet.

22 April 2008

Pit Stop

On our journey we had to make a pit stop to feed Nik, here we are on the fairly new highway that will eventually link Ignoumitsa (can take a ferry to Italy) to Turkey.
Nik in the front passenger seat while I make a quick squat and yell at Arthur for taking a picture. We still need to work on our communication skills, I asked Arthur to stop at the truck stop and he thought I meant where the Circus comes to town (i.e. empty field) to him my "truck stop" is the "bus stop", not much of a difference to me but it was to him.

More Naousa Photos

I've never seen a kid enjoy a lemon so much, Anastasia was licking the lemon and taking bites of food from Arthur. Her father was working at the restaurant that we went to, so Arthur played father for all 3 kids, although Stavros (Anastasia's brother) did a good job of keeping track and running after Anastasia.
Anastasia had burger meat, Arthur, Nikki and Stavros had Calamari and I had trout freshly caught from behind the restaurant. The trout comes with the head and all, very non-American, but I am learning to not to be squeamish, lucky for me they clean out the inside. Pheeww.
The park next to the restaurant is called Nikolaos, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the kids liked dogs, most Greek children seem to be frightened of dogs or will try to kick them.
Anastasia and Stavros laying in the flowers.

21 April 2008


Fast Friends
Anastasia will be turning 3 in July, she is so precocious and loves to talk in a very loud voice, Nik loved her. As you can see in the photo above they are having a grand time. When I was changing Nik, Anastasia asked if she could see his peepee, it was the funniest thing. Also when we gave Nik his pacifier, Anastasia ran to go get her's and showed it to Nik. (photo below)
This is us outside of our favorite bakery, it has the best cookies.
P.S. Arthur was next to me when I wrote the last blog and he was the one saying how old he was, I was just writing what he told me.

19 April 2008

I Pulled An All-Nighter

Well his onesie says it (from Leslie and Eric) but in fact he is sleeping pretty well, knock on wood. There is generally a five hour break between feedings at night, if he eats at midnight he will wake up at 5, or last night he ate at 2 and woke up again at 7. I think we are doing pretty good considering he isn't even 3 months old yet (April 29).

We celebrated Arthur's birthday on April 17th (born in 1969 he is 39 years old), one more year and he will be the big 40. He is so old that when he was born there was no electricity where he lived, he is a cave man and is not willing to learn new tricks. So when Nik grows up and wants to play computer games or get a XBox Arthur can tell him "When I was a kid we didn't even have electricity, go play with the light switches."

On Sunday we are going up to Naousa to visit his godchild Anastasia, godparents must give their godchildren a present for Easter and the Greek Orthodox Easter is on April 27. So we are going up to visit his friends, have lunch and get the best cookies in Greece, all in Naousa.

16 April 2008

Bubble Blowing

Like any good kid Nik loves having his belly blowed on.

12 April 2008


This is what I came home to yesterday , I watched the shop from 2pm to 6pm and then came home to have Arthur go down, this is how I found the boys.

Arthur SleepingWhere's Nik

There he is, sleeping too.
Arthur woke up shortly after I came home and the first thing he said to me was "Nik gave me a hard time." and I was like "What happened?", "He wouldn't go to sleep." I so wanted to laugh, but instead I asked "Do you think that is all we do when you are down at the shop", his answer was "Well yes and you read all of the time." This is kind of true not the sleeping thing, Nik is generally pretty awake during the afternoons and likes to be held, he does have his moments where he will play by himself but then the rest of the time he wants to be held so my technique is to read to him. I have learned that he doesn't like novels, he's more interested in my cook books so I read recipes out loud to him and he like the sound of the words. Then sometimes he just wants silence and he will let you know when to shut up, even when Arthur and I are talking sometimes he lets us know that he is done listening and it is time to be quite, he also sleeps better if it's not so bright, example the picture above he pulled the covers up around his eyes. He acts like a grown up already quite and dark time is for sleeping, very good.


My Uncle Mike in Texas set the trend for buying motorbikes and we had to follow in his steps. We purchased a cute Piaggio Fly 125 cc in Silver, Arthur and I will both use it to get around town for shopping. We also splurged and got the box that goes behind and a helmet for me, now all I have to do is get my Greek drivers licence. We should receive the scooter in two weeks about the end of April beginning of May, I can't wait.

09 April 2008


He was moving around alot so I gave him his bibila (pacifier in Greek), the adorable outfit is from my Mom.
Knocked out cold with his bibila.
And a picture of both of my adorable boys.

04 April 2008


Look at meI'm 5.2 Kilos or 11.4 lbs.,
Halfway to my second surgery weight.

01 April 2008


It was so nice to have some friends come visit, Stacey and Ashley Calvino. Ashley is studying Art in Paris for a semester and her mother came to visit her and then they took the weekend to come and see me and the family. They brought me the makings of Smores, chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers, all of which I can't find here. Well we have chocolate but it is a miss and hit if it taste good. Arthur liked the Smores and then I made cheesecake with graham cracker crust, it was super easy and very delicious.
We took them to our special church that was built 1,000 years ago and before that it was a Greek Temple and they got to witness a special event "The returning of a HOLY ICON." A preist was very impressed with Nik's moby wrap and got pretty excited about the way I was carrying him, but angry that we didn't get married in the church. We pacified him by saying that we would get baptised there.
Showing off the American Hat, monasteries behind are Varlaam and Great Meteora.