30 March 2010

Sunday drive to see friends

On Sunday we took a drive up to Naousa about 2 1/2 hours away, the peach capital of Greece. Spring time is a lovely time to go up there with all of the trees in bloom.
Arthur's old military buddy Stelios and his family, Stavros (son), Arthur, Mara, Nik, Nikki and Anastasia (our goddaughter). It is tradition for the godparent to give a candle for Easter to the godchild so we made a little goodies bag for her and brought it up, last year we couldn't go because Nik had just finished his final surgery.

Reading books on the top bunk of Anastasia's bed.

After visiting our friends we went to our favorite bakery for some yummy cookies and I ran into an American women that was from New York and moved to Greece with her Greek husband 10 years ago. It is so fun to meet people like this, completely random. We then went to the School of Aristotle's, where he taught Alexander the Great, it is about a 5 minute drive from Naousa and 30 minutes from Vergina (where the palace of Philip II and Alexander the Great lies) of course back then I'm sure it took a whole lot longer to get there.
Perhaps this big tree was around in 300 B.C.
Taking Lessons
Very beautiful setting you could see some columns lying on the ground and even a small amphitheater perhaps where Aristotle's taught.

20 March 2010

USA Trip Part 3, Colorado

Here we are at the Seattle Airport, eating a Wendy's burger one more time before leaving Washington State, but not the last burger to be enjoyed during our trip.
Flying Southwest Airlines.
We had a difficult time at the airport picking up our rental car with Dollar it was the worst experience I have ever had, even though no one was in line it took them an hour to get us our car and then when we walked outside to get it, someone else had taken it, so then they had to find another vehicle for us. I will never rent from Dollar again. By the time we left the airport it was late and dark and we still had to drive to Greeley.
Yippee! snow greeted us on the ground in Colorado and we enjoyed beautiful sunny days while there.
Grandma Doris so kindly allowed us to stay at her house.
Eating out at one of Alan's favorite restaurant's.
Totally cool car that Alan has re-done from the inside out.
Nik, Alan, feeling nauseous Mara and Arthur.
The fun things you can put on your head.

Obviously Nik does not know how to read yet, he loves nuts.
Waiting for Dinner, Grandma enjoyed eating trahana with Nik, a very good Greek food made from milk and flour.
We had some guest from Colorado stay in KokaRoka a few weeks before our trip and we went to visit them while there, the guy is a retired Delta pilot and he is building his own plane in the basement.
Deer on our drive up to the Rocky Mountains.
Family photo.
Arthur and Alan
BBQ dinner up in Estes Park, Nik slept through most of the meal, I had a ton of leftovers and made delicious brisket and cheese sandwiches.
On our last day in Colorado we went to the Denver Zoo, very fun. We also ate Wendy's on our way out of town.

08 March 2010

Crazy Weather

The last weeks have been sunny and everyone has been planting flowers and trimming roses. Yesterday it snowed all day and today the African sand came so now the ground is covered in red snow. I just hope that my lovely hyacinths can make it through the cold front.

05 March 2010

Making Pita

He's our little Top Chef, here he is rolling out some pita. If you look in the fire you can see the lid (rastra) with a pita already underneath.
Can I eat a Piece. Yes says PaPou.