30 June 2011

Volos Alikes

On Monday we visited the beach near Volos at a place called Alakis, it was a wonderful sunny day but a little windy so Kat just dipped her feet in the water but Nik and I swam for a hour. Arthur sat at the restaurant and ate some delicious calamari, after my swim I had some too and then we all ate ice cream. It was a very nice trip a little less than 2 hours both ways with Kat sleeping most of the car ride and Nik not getting sick so it was a good trip.

The next day I took the kids to a hotel pool here in town, at 5euros a visit it is a little expensive but you should have seen the joy on Kat's face when she saw the pool. Nik of course is asking to go every day since but Arthur as told me I can only go once a week, the kids love it. I hope I can teach them to swim this summer although Nik does not like to put his head in the water.

09 June 2011

5x7 Folded Card

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08 June 2011

June Birthdays

My birthday was on Sunday and we celebrated baby Kat's today. We are lucky enough to have found Betty Crocker cake mixes at a Super Market in Trikala, so I made chocolate cupcakes and vanilla (from scratch) cupcakes. Nik being so kind as to blow out his sister's number one candle (he was also kind enough to pick out a present for himself when we went shopping for a gift for her).Her too cute new shoes.
In her birthday dress from Grandma Katerina.

The ladybug cupcake that I made, I think it came out pretty cute.