30 March 2009

Movie - Knowing

Arthur and I went to the movies yesterday to see "Knowing". Very Good But a little freaky heres why.
Nicholas Cage played the main character and his name was Jon.
Jon's son was named Caleb and the other little girl playing in the movie her characters name was Abby.
Interesting, Jon and Kelly should go see this movie. I think everyone should see it in the movie theaters because at one point the seats start to shake from the vibration of the movie and you can't get that at home.

Goldy Locks

He is so sad that he is soon to loose his lovely golden curls, we are going to cut his hair tonight in preparation for our Hospital stay tomorrow. Actually he is upset because I was trying to take a picture of the back of his head and he is a complete camera hog and wanted to be front and center for the photos. Tourist have also given him camera time and he loves that. Notice his back teeth the space in between has new teeth coming out also, so soon he will have 16 teeth, they seem to grown so quickly.
Our final surgery will be on Friday, if this visit goes like the previous ones this is how it breaks down.

1st day- Check in, take blood samples for assorted test.
2nd day- X-ray of colon by placing contrasting fluid inside of colon, very painful.
3rd day- Special probe tool used to push open the anus, also extremely painful.
4rth day- Surgery, yeah.

Arthur just told me a funny story: When Katerina takes Nik to visit our neighbor Fotini, he goes directly to the fridge. Why? Because he has seen Fotini remove the chocolate that she gives him from there, I'm just glad he hasn't learned how to open her fridge like he does ours.

22 March 2009

One Little Monkey Dancing On The Bed

Please don't fall off and hurt your head.

For some unknown reason he loves to dance on soft items, the couch and especially the bed. He will throw all of the pillows off and pull the covers back and begin to dance, and he can climb up onto the bed and couch all by himself. He will love climbing the rocks when he gets older.

14 March 2009


Here we are at the Circus, what fun! Nik loved seeing the animals, the acts performed by the circus people not so much, but it was well worth seeing his reaction when the animals came out. It cost 10 euros for both Arthur and I, Nik was free, and then we spent another 6 euros to see the animals during the break. It was really muddy out back but Nik got to get up close to some of the animals and he really liked that. The circus started with horses and Nik clapped along with the crowd as they danced around the ring. Then one of those ladies who does acrobatics by hanging by her hair came out, yuk, it just hurts my head watching her. For a small circus they had it all, tight rope walker, acrobatics, bendy girl, juggler, and high flying people but no clowns. I was surprised that they didn't have any, they had a boy acting like a clown but he was dressed in a tux and his face was only painted with white lips and a little black mascara at the eyes. Not that Nik payed any attention to the people in the ring even though we had front row seats instead he thought everyone was clapping for him and gave big smiles to the people around us. The place was packed and in typical Greek style people just jammed their way past us at the entrance even though we were all trying to enter. If you come to visit don't wait your turn in lines you will never get to where you want to go, just push your way in. I find it hard to push my way in with a toddler in my arms but I saw other parents doing it and the last straw was when 3 old ladies pushed past me, that's when I got a little more aggressive. Even thought the house was almost full when we finally got inside we found some of the best seats in the house right up front with lots of room and only one more row in front of us.
When the Elephant came out he got supper excited (pictured below) he is doing his strong sign.
He loves animals, maybe he will be my veterinarian. The circus also had a giraffe, some water buffalo, goats, camels, and even a kangaroo. By the time it was over he was exhausted plus it was his bed time, so he fell asleep on the way home. On Sunday (weather permitting) we might go to a motorcycle race close to home his other favorite love motorbikes, he tries to get onto the Vespa by himself now, it makes me wonder how old he will be before he tries to ride it by himself, oh my.

09 March 2009

New Cousin

Nik has a new cousin, a few days younger than Abby. Right now the family lives in Trikala but they are thinking of moving to Larissa which is about 2 hours away. This is kind of a bummer since Arthur and I seem to be closer to this cousin and his wife than his other cousins. Vaso his wife is also not Greek and I think this is why we get along better, she was born in Romania but has lived in Greece for several years now.

06 March 2009

Sweet Moments

Nik got his mothers sweet tooth big time, he screeched and hollered when I took away the beater.
Here he is enjoying some chocolate, at least this time he was willing to share with me, so sweet.
He enjoys pretty much anything you give him or that he will steal away, he's already enjoyed some drinks that I am sure most parents don't allow their children to partake of.
His favorite Foods-
Meat: Lamb
Greens: Broccoli
Starch: Bread
Drink: Milk
Fruit: Oranges

03 March 2009


Nik going for a ride on the Vespa.