21 February 2009


These are his 8 teeth and 4 more teeth are on their way, I don't know why they all have to come in at once but they do. These next 4 are the molar teeth one tooth away from the ones you see, both the upper and bottom ones are coming in. He loves flashing his smile to girls and is a big flirt already. Yesterday we were in the toy aisle and instead of looking at toys Nik was looking up the skirt of a restocking worker, naughty little boy.

14 February 2009

What can go on my head?

Why play with legos when you can play with the box they came in, throw the legos out and then place on head.

10 February 2009


Hey, I'm Mister Cool Nik on my new tricycle.
Look at the view I have for my outings.
This totally cool tricycle is a Birthday gift from Ge-Pa and Ge-Ge in California, it was purchased here in a Trikala bike shop. It has a basket in the front and back, a canopy for sunny days like today, a safety bar and foot rest until he can pump the pedals himself and a push bar so I don't have to bend down to push him around. All of these items can be removed so it will turn into just a tricycle, it also has the ability to be a rocker, but I think he is a little to old for that now, he likes to get a move on and does not want to stay still for to long.

03 February 2009

Present to Doctors

We bought the doctors some Jack Daniels Whiskey, but Nik got to it first, just kidding. We also gave them some of our homemade ouzo and this beautiful painting that we had commissioned for them. Nik's future god-mother (when he gets baptized) her daughter is very talented and we showed her a picture of what we wanted and she did a phenomenal job, if you scan in on the photo you can see the rich detail of her painting, the writing says "Gift Sakkas Family".

Birthday and Hospital Stay Photos

Getting ready to go in for our colon check-up.
When can we blow out the candle?
The O is from Eric after baby Nik was born and I thought it was appropriate to place it on this cake since he did spend his first O month here in this hospital and the 1 is of course for his 1st birthday that he also spent here. SO no it's not a backwards 10.
For some unknown reason if Nik wakes up at 4 am he stays up for at least an hour and wants to play around, this is not true for any other time of the night. Unfortunately one of the nights while we were in the hospital he woke up at 4, I walked him up and down the corridor and then I let him play with toilet paper (keeps him busy for a while, shredding the paper).

01 February 2009

1st Birthday Video

Our birthday celebration at the hospital on Thursday, we shared the cake with fellow hospital inmates and a few of our favorite doctors.

We went into the hospital on Tuesday, did a X-ray on Wednesday and then on Thursday we were under the impression that we would be having the surgery on Friday. On Friday they informed us that they would just be doing a colonoscopy and that we would come back in two months to do the final surgery. We came home on Saturday to find that it had been snowing in Kalambaka.