25 January 2015

Greek Politics

I am not a big political person, but today we are voting in Greece, so I thought I would share my thoughts on the Greek Political situation.
It's pure shit... sorry for my language, but oh my gosh, did you know that they have Communist Parties, yes that is plural, as in more than one Communist Party.  Normally these guys rank pretty low on the Political realm and don't have very much power.  This year is different, one group in particular as come forward with lots of votes because he has promised people he will get rid of the dept they owe banks. Hey that sounds nice says all of the ignorant folks that don't realize that the country will come crashing down if he does or accomplishes this.
Let's back up a little and I will tell you why they are voting today.
Picture from Wikipedia, couldn't find mine.
In December the Parliament was voting for a new President, the current government was unsuccessful in getting enough votes to put a new President in Power.  So today the people are voting on a New Prime Minister, yeah a little confusing....
In most European countries it is the Prime Minister who is in charge of change and the country not the President like in the States, the President of Greece is more like the Queen of England, just a figure head, goes to parties, signs the bills the Parliament puts together, so since the Current Government couldn't get their guy to be President, the Greek people have to find a new leader and then that leader will pick the new president.   Are you still with me?
Okay now to get even more confusing, it's not like there are 3 people to vote for, NO, what a Greek person will do today is vote for the person in their prefecture (let's pretend it's like a person voting for their Senator in the States, but we only have 13 "states"/prefectures here) Not all 50 States get the same Senators, you have a different grouping of Senators to vote for in your own State, well that's what we have here, all of the different political parties have their own Parliament person that you vote on.
The Greek Parliament has 300 members, so today's elections are for those 300 members, in order for a Prime Minister to be picked the party needs to be comprised of 151 Parliament members.  Well last time they voted, I think it was only 2 years ago, and yes I am getting tired of the shifting Greek Government.  No single party had enough to make up 151 Parliament members so 3 parties got together to make a Multi- Party system.  So you will find in the current and soon to be old government leaders as what in the States we would call the Republicans and Democrats together.  Wouldn't that be awesome if the Republicans and Democrats worked together in the United States Senate!  Imagine all of the the things that could be accomplished.  But here they may have the Republicans and Democrats together but their political nemesis are the Communist.  I still can't get over the fact that I live in a country where people believe in the Communist attitude, it's like saying I want to live somewhere where the Jihad live, crazy.
These are my thoughts and feelings, plus I hate the fact that he whole country stops for these elections, everything was closed on Friday and will be closed again on Monday (by everything I mean the school's, lol, the kids have a 4 day weekend)  and I am guessing like all elections (seriously all of them) they will have to vote again to get the number down (they delete some of the entrants) and the kids will have another 4 day weekend next week.

AND if you are really wondering how serious this is IMAGINE THIS, the intelligent and wealthy Greeks removed 7 BILLION Euros from the banks between last Friday and Wednesday in the event that the banks and the country crashes if the Communist parties are voted for the new Government.
You may see us soon in a Country near you!


24 January 2015

I'm on Instagram

I am SO SEW EXCITED!  I am on Instagram!!!! WooHoo!
My older brother got me a tablet for Christmas and my younger brother got me fabric for Christmas, do my brother's know me or what?
My husband has been dead-set against me having a tablet but the only reason I wanted it was for Instagram.
It's very nice I am getting used to typing on a screen and I love the feature where they try to think of the word you are going to use next.  Still trying to figure out the camera..... it sometimes cut's things out or the picture goes a little sideways.
Come say Hi to me on Instagram I am @mara_makes, who would have thought that grecomara, my normal name for things would be taken.... So I am slowly changing things over to Mara Makes, like Pinterest.
I love entering in giveaways, but don't want to always have my personal Instagram account where I show what I am working on and finishing with reposting's of giveaways, so I made a seperate account for entering in those giveaways, @acrafty_giveaway, so if you want to follow me there you can do that too.  I will also be making one for our rooms to rent in a couple of days.
Question:  Does anyone know an easy way to repost on Instagram, I got a repost app, but then it stopped working?
I also already joined my first IG swap, the #alisonglassminiquiltswap over @reapwhativesewn, the last time I saw her post there where 338 participants and she only needs someone from Louisianna, Mississippi, Rhode Island, North Dakota and Vermont, to have one person form all of the 50 States.  And over 15 countries are represented.
Some yardage of her handcrafted, and a mini charm pack of her new fabric line.
I am so glad I got my huge Alison Glass order in a few weeks ago, I am set and ready to go for when partners come out, and the deadline for entering is Feb. 1st so you have plenty of time to join and the time to post your mini isn't until June so plenty of time to sew it up.
Plus her new book SIGNED!! and some of the wool and threads she loves.
I already have quite a bit of her first Sun Prints line and her second Sun prints line is just as fantastic.
I can't wait to find out what my partner likes, I sure hope it's the sun prints, lol.

Don't forget, to come and say Hi to me on Instagram, @mara_makes

19 January 2015

Tammy 4 All Seasons Blog Hop

This was a very interesting blog hop organized by Mary and invented by Madame Samm with the patterns created by Brooke Nolan and Cori Blunt. I want to let you know this is my first time trying out cross stitch or turn-edged applique and I failed miserably at both.
I have decided that cross stitch just isn't for me, not only is someone telling me the design, but they have already picked out the colors....nope, not going to have it.  That's the funnest part of creating for me, is picking out the colors.  So here is my take on Brookes design and yes it is lovely in the original version as well.
 I took out the starfish, cause a starfish on the beach means it's dead.  I have never worn a scarf to the beach or just one flip flop, so I added another flip flop and put a towel under my swimsuit.
I realize my colors look totally fallish, I guess I should have picked the Fall pattern instead, lol, but summer is my favorite season.
My fabric inspiration for the color choices.
The interior
As you have noticed, I do not have the handle on the bag, it is in transit, hopefully not being kept hostage by the custom police, I have not been contacted asking for ransom money yet.
Here's the winter pinny, but cupcakes screams Summer to me, since we have so many summer birthdays and we always make cupcakes.
I have a small giveaway today, I will not be doing cross stitch again, at least I don't think I will anytime soon, so I am giving away the extra "fabrics" I had bought, I have no idea what they are called, but they are 14 count. , one is the copper gold shots through it and the other has more of a cool gold shots through it, plus 2 extra DMC threads that I accidentally picked up even though I already owned them, white and 3821.

Just leave a comment, I might throw in a few more items, depending on weight, giveaway ends January 26th midnight Greece time.
Updated: Winner Picked
And the winner is (let's hope this works, first time trying to get the widget to show up on the blog)  I had 3 entries from my new Instagram account, yeah IG!

It worked!  And the winner is #46, who is.....Theresa of Bumleberry Cottage, she not only got her cross stitch finished but she did ALL 4 Seasons (go check them out), so I know she likes to cross stitch, so happy these fabrics will be going to someone who loves to cross stitch!

Go visit all of the other fantastic ladies showcasing their Tammy bags today.

January 19, 2015

Secretly Stitching
You are here!

16 January 2015

2015 Finish Along - Q1

First time joining in the Finish Along, so I will be keeping my finishes small.
#1 - A pillow with some FMQ.

#2- Another Sound Check bag.

#3- A Valentines Wall Hanging, lol, this project was one of the first things I started sewing 2 years ago, and I would like to find what I did with the fabric that I already put together and finish it in time for this years Valentines Day, but first I need to find it, so no picture at this moment.

#4 - My first Pattern, yep, I got something up my sleeves and will show it soon.
Okay that's it, see small list, I'm thinking I can do it!
Linking to

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

09 January 2015

First Finish of the Year, plus Plans

This is a must read post!  Really please come read, I have links to Giveaways, QAL's, SAL's, blog hops, and many other fun happening things going on this year, each link will take you to a fresh page so click away!
First Finish, Shark pencil case, first time using back of fabric, 
I just finished this shark pencil case, but I am still thinking that this pattern needs some fine tuning, Renee, already worked on getting the tail more shark like, but this case also doesn't hold very many pencils, do you know how many markers and etc. my kids have, lots, they love, love to draw and spend at least 1-2 hours a day doing it.
You need one of theses to turn out that damn tail.
  1. Okay peeps, anytime I come across a giveaway, I like to post it on Missouri Mel's Giveaway linky page, you can link giveaway's you find and even your own giveaways, if you have one,go here! 
  2. Debbie does her list all by herself on "Wow, I like that", she must read a ton of blogs, lol! 
  3. I especially wanted to point you to this one, using the Meadowlark fabric line, you can enter in her giveaway and quilt challenge!  Go visit Melanie Testa and see what she is going to create next. ends January 10th. 
QAL's, SAL's and BOM's:
 so many to choose from and maybe you don't even find it till it is to late, well Terri of Childlike Fascination took the hard work and has compiled a whole list of them on her new site QuiltAlong.net , I e-mailed her a couple that she was missing.
For some reason she still hasn't added the Quilt Art Designs Ocean's BOM, and I have been seeing some pretty amazing turtles out there already.
There are a few other BOM's and SAL's but the designers are having a hard time trying to figure out how to get the designs out since the EU VAT crap, go to Penny Dog blog to vote against that. 
I don't have Instagram yet, but soon, and if I did I think I would join in this quick Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt-A-Long 2015, it's a quick one and ends Feb. 14th.

Linky Parties:  Everybody loves a good linky party, which ones are you doing this year? 
  1. Le Challenge, is always fun, I can't wait to see what the new challenge will be, it will announced on January 15th and you have till February 15th to make something! 
  2. FMQ'ing is on my list of things to learn this year, so maybe you would like to join me over at Quilt Shop Gal (previously known as Insights from SewCalGal) for the 2015 FMQ Challenge.
  3.  I did not join this one last year, but I think I will make up a list and do it this year, the "2015 Finish Along" over at On the Windy Side. 
2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

       4.  I found a new book linky party,   Fabric Mutt's "Sew The Library" , I already have the next 2 months covered, lol.
       5.  Or maybe you want to get some of your stash down, then you can join the "SewMyStash" linky
       6.  Getting ready for Christmas, this linky @ Celtic Thistle will help you stay on track. 
       7.  Trying something new, write about it and join the "New to me Linky" @ Celtic Thistle  

and not last or least #8.  Wanting to learn new skills (I love learning new skills,check out my new hobby cross stitch on Monday Jan. 19th), here is a "Stretch Your Skills" linky party, the first one is about Foundation Paper Piecing, to be written in February.

Stretch Your Skills @ tweloquilting.blogspot.com
4 1/2" Teeny Tiny Block Swap, still need 1 more person

 I love swaps!
  1.  Pillow Swap Four Seasons, sign up anytime, but there will be 4 swaps in this year, the first one is already started, but you can still sign up so you know when the next one will start.
  2. The Teeny Tiny Block Swap, put on by Amanda of "What the Bobbin?", we still need 1 more person for the nature theme, do you like my bee above, then come join our group!
  3. Have you  wanted some handmade placemats, well Super Swaps is still open for sign ups till January 28th.
Blog Hops: this is the current blog hop I am in, it started today, be sure to follow along.
this is the first time I have tried cross-stitch and I am now getting really worried since my hardware hasn't shown up yet, I ordered it in November.  hope it comes in the next week.
Work in Progress, due January 19th.

January 9, 2015

January 12, 2015

January 13, 2015

Cheryl Wilkinson will post to Ipiece2-Mary

January 14, 2015

January 15, 2015

Amy Whitaker will post on Ipiece2-Mary
January 16, 2015

Julia Plunkett will post on Sewwequilt

January 19, 2015

January 20, 2015

Would love to hear your plans, I have been trying to keep up with everyone's New Year Plans, tell me what your favorite thing was from this massive list of fun stuff.

Linking to some other awesome linky parties:
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and TGIFF, Thank goodness it is finished Friday.

02 January 2015

Last finish of 2014

I was able to make one last finish for the year.  Mustang Sound Check bag!
My favorite bag pattern from the book Big City Bags, is this one, the previous one that I had made, my Collage Sound Check bag,

I ended up giving that to my daughter's NoNa (godmother) she said her favorite color was purple (or Mauve in Greek) and I didn't really have any other purple fabrics so I gave it a good wash and gave it to her, I loved that bag, so I am happy in giving it to her.

My daughter loves her NoNa, and no wonder she lets her play with her phone.
I used Coats Thread for the first time, I won a wonderful package of them as the winner in November's Big City Bags SAL.  I am excited to use them, since I have heard it is better to use Polyester thread for garment making.
Of course no bag is complete with out some of Janelle's bag bling from Emmaline Bags.
 For the interior I decided to have a little fun and with one side of pockets I just left the selvage on and sewed it in at the bottom, I will be adding my name to it when I find one of those archival/fabric safe pens.

Of course as always this bag was missing a zipper pocket so I added one on the other side, the zipper almost looks gold in color and matches the fabrics well it is Zipit Zippers Monster snot color!
 I asked my husband to take some pictures, but he never tells me, "hey honey your hair looks crazy" or "tuck in that tummy" so since those pictures um sucked I asked my 4 year old daughter to take one, didn't she do a good job!  I am enjoying some Greek wine Retsina, yummy, taste great with meat, but man it was cold outside.  I tried to do a selfie with the bag, but it ended up being only a selfie and I didn't get the bag in.
I am having a hard time getting my computer to get some of the links so I will put them in later.