15 June 2012

Arthur's Father

Arthur's father passed away 2 years ago today and he is greatly missed.  He was a very nice man, always ready with a story and always kind to strangers and friends alike.  I wish that he could have been around longer because I know that he loved the kids and he was a wonderful grandfather, Nik adored him and I am positive that Kat would have also.
He has left behind a hole in all of our hearts but it always makes me happy when I see little pieces of him, like the lily flowers that he planted in our garden.

13 June 2012

My Black Thumbs' Favorite Green Plants

I have the worst luck growing things and so when something goes really well, then I am super excited.  My top 3 favorites are:


As big as my palm

Goes all the way to the back

Planted under the rock
  1. THE ROSE:  A lot of people say the rose is a hassle to grow but in my garden they are a dream come true.  I hardly do any work on them and in appreciation they give me a beautiful show of flowers, twice a year.  Of course they do seem to be bothered by all of the garden pest, specifically the aphid, but I just spray and kill the little buggers and it is almost therapeutic.  Each rose bush also seems to have their own little disease going on, like they communicate with each other in who has the worst "cold", one might have powdery mildew while another has rust or black spot.  This problem is quickly solved by just cutting off the damaged areas and a little extra rose feed.
  2. THE JASMINE:  Love the smell of my jasmine bush in the back yard and you know what?  I haven't done a thing with it!  The fact that it has survived still amazes me, I mean I don't even water the poor plant.  It's in my backyard between 2 big rocks planted in this little space that had some dirt in it, and it is absolutely huge, climbing up the rocks to the back fence.  I would suggest anyone with a far away place that doesn't get any tender loving care this is the plant to put in, just bring out a chair and sit near it when the flowers come.
  3. THE BOUGAINVILLEA:  Rhonda bought me this plant 2 years ago and I bought another one shortly after, I really think it should be called Lazarus because I kill it each winter and it comes back to life.  This last winter I hesitated bringing it inside because it had it's flowers on and it was January.  Then that big storm hit and when the snow finally melted I brought it in, thinking I had killed it for sure.  Let me tell you the Aloe Vera - didn't make it.  But low and behold to my surprise the bougainvillea has sprouted its leaves and flowers are soon to come.

10 June 2012

Katerina turned 2

 Our pretty girl turned 2 on Friday, we did our normal Friday morning thing and walked down to the market and had a drink at our favorite coffee place.  We then ate lunch at Koka Roka came home for a nap and then back outside in the afternoon to play.  I took the kids to Koka Roka so I could bake a cake in the afternoon, ended up making cupcakes instead because I couldn't find my cake pans.
 We are going to send her to school in the fall along with Nik, she is an early morning person and really likes to go outside first thing and she is already starting to not take naps.  Its a program that will cost us 60euros a month, not to bad, I think she will really enjoy it.  I know that I will.
 Along with going to the park everyday, she also really likes to pet the cats in the neighborhood.
 And drive the van.
 This is her very dramatic look of "oww, I hurt myself"
Taking care of her little baby, TukTuk.
Splashing around in the tub, a complete water baby, if I allowed her she would take 3-4 baths a day.
She is no-diaper trained and the reason I say it that way is that she is NOT "potty trained" she prefers to do her bathroom needs outside or on the tiled floor when at home, but she loves using toilets in public places-definitely did not get that from me.  She does not like to wear a diaper even for sleeping, she does pretty good about waking herself up to go pee, but I still put one on at night.
She can live off of eating just olives and feta, again I think this is from her Greek heritage.
She adores her big brother and I love it when they give each other hugs, or if one gets hurt the other one comforts 'em.
She's my baby girl growing up.

04 June 2012

Grandma Doris

My Grandma Doris passed away on May 30th, I guess she was pretty sick the last couple of weeks so it is good that she is no longer in pain.  She kept a dress of mine from when I was little and Kat has been wearing it, I wish I could have sent her a picture before she passed but instead I will just share it with the rest of you.

It's the neatest dress ever since it is reversible, so if she gets one side dirty I can just turn it inside out and she can wear it a little longer.  Katerina is always so busy looking around that it is hard to get a picture of her looking directly at me.  She turns 2 on Friday, I can't believe how big she is getting.  To Grandma Doris may she rest in peace, all our love to her.