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Acting like tourist when he came to visit me in America, before I moved here.
Hello!  So you want to know more about me!  Thank you!  I was born in Greeley CO, USA.  My father was in the military so we moved around a lot.  I went to High School and College in New Mexico, USA.  After Graduation I moved to California, I traveled to Europe every year and was able to visit all of the EU countries (at the time of 2006)  my last trip saw me in Greece and Spain and those were the last 2 countries to write off of my European to do list.  Well guess what I found in Greece, my wonderful husband who doesn't understand why I have to sew, and that is why this blog was titled Secretly Stitching cause I used to only be able to do it when he was not at home and always, always had everything cleared up so it looked like I didn't do any sewing.  Well that has gone 4 sheets to the wind and now I sew as much as a can sometimes even when he is here ;)  I have now changed my blog's name to Mara Creates, I do tend to create more than blog, so sorry blog readers.
You can read more of our love story below, just click on the link.
The Love Story - How an American Girl ended up in Greece
How a love story ends with kids!  Went back to the States in 2009 with our almost 2 yr.old son.

Where I Live - Kalampaka Greece

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If the "Pretty Girls Like to Sew" is your artwork, I would like to ask if I could use it for my Etsy Banner. Would you please contact me and let me know if there is a charge? Thanks. Ree