30 July 2010

2 1/2 Sea Celebration

Nik turned 2 1/2 on the 29th and we celebrated by going to the Sea on the East side of Greece in what is called the Pilio area. Our first stop was at a little village called Milina one hour away from Volos on the Pagassitikos Kolpos bay. Arthur and I had gone there 3 years ago when I was pregnant with Nik and he enjoyed the water then and he enjoyed it this time also. He pretty much jumps straight in, no fear and walked up to his neck, did some laying down while the waves came in.
We then enjoyed lunch at Arthur's favorite restaurant right by the water we had just swam in, but this is no longer our favorite restaurant it cost us 47euros to eat there and some of it we didn't even eat because it didn't taste good and came out cooked incorrectly. Plus the fact of continually being worried about Nik because on one side we had the sea and on the other side a busy road, so no freedom for him to just run around.
We stayed at a hotel just one block up from the beach that we had just been too and right behind the restaurant. Here is the view from our veranda.
You can see the view from this angle too. Baby Kat was the best to travel with and I loved her for being such a calm joy compared to the busy activity of a two year old named Nik.
Nik and Dad going off for an evening swim while I feed Riene.
Nik and I then went on a run along the boardwalk and found a park to play in and then watched the sun set, like I said continuous action.

The next day we decided to drive and find another beach, we ended up taking a morning break in the tiny village of Platania on the east side of the Pilio range facing the Aegean sea.
It had great warm water and wasn't to windy or wavy but there just wasn't anywhere to stay, so we had to continue on our hunt for a beach with a hotel nearby. But meanwhile Nik enjoyed smearing sand all over himself and chasing girls on the beach.
I fed our little ladybug when we arrived and then jumped in the water with Nik, or should I say was forced into going in since he threw his shoes in and they weren't magically making it back to shore.

We had lunch at a Taverna nearby and I had fresh swordfish and Arthur had Calamari, all very good.
We are driving along the ridge of the Pelion mountain and this is a view towards Milina beach where we had stayed the night before. We ended up finding a hotel near a really awesome beach and the other cool part was this hotel cost only 40euros and there were other children screaming and staying up all night there too! We weren't the only ones! It was a very nice family run place that also had a Taverna downstairs, so just like KokaRoka, and the view was great too the only problem was that they had so many trees around that you couldn't see the view. I realized why when in the morning we woke up with very bright sun shining directly into the windows, I guess this is a downfall of beaches located on the east side.
Baby sleeping at the beach, all dressed up to go swimming and way to windy to make it out of her carrier.
Getting into the water, grabbing a little sand on the way.
Way to early, pretty much the only ones on the beach here in Xinovrisi.
Beautiful sand and great waves and water was clear and warm.
Nik knocking down somebody else's sand castles left from the day before.
Nik and Daddy playing together, and Arthur taking one last dip before the long drive home(4 hours).

23 July 2010

Train Station

The train has arrived and Arthur, Nik and Dad are waiting outside to hop on quickly and get a good seat. The parents took the train to and from Thessaloniki and Kalampaka, a direct train ride lasting 3 hours. These photos were taken when they left two weeks ago, the two bottom photos were taken by Nik.

Rhonda, Mara, Riene and Nik in the train station's waiting room, it was pretty windy outside and 7:40 in the morning so still pretty cool.
Riene in a U.S.A. baby onesie a gift from Birgit and Brian.
Rhonda, Dad and Riene.
Nik running up and down the train tracks.

Pictures taken by Nik- pretty darn good

Swimming Pool

Dad and Rhonda helped me pump up the pool for Nik but then we realized something, he's a little to big for it now.
We are going to have to get a bigger pool, but hopefully one of these days we will go to the beach again. The weather has been real hot during the day and then a big thunder, lightning and hard rain in the afternoon, just like New Mexico but more humid.
I will save this pool for next year it will be a perfect size then for our baby girl.

20 July 2010


We had Katerina's 40 day blessing on Friday at 7 pm and it was hotter than hot. What is a 40 day blessing, so glad you asked. Well first off the priest asked if I was a Protestant, the Greek Orthodox Church has this big thing against Protestants and if I had been one he wouldn't have performed the ceremony. So once we got that settled he had me get down on my knees holding the baby and then he placed his sacrament (the beautiful piece of woven clothe that is placed over his robe) over my head. Now if you have ever knelt when it is about 90 degrees and then had something heavy and very stifling placed on your head you know how uncomfortable it can be. I was trying not to wiggle around but my legs were cramping and then my big toe started to cramp up. All while the priest read the bible in rapid Greek, that I am sure even Arthur and his mom had a hard time understanding he spoke so quickly, but still not fast enough for me, phew.. was it hot. Then he took the baby (she didn't make a single sound) as he carried her around the church making the cross sign. Then when we got to the front area where he does church services he had me kneel 3 times while making the cross sign and then I had to kiss the sacrament and the baby had to kiss the sacrament also. And now it is safe for the baby to travel the world and begin her new life.
The two Katerina's together.

We also had her first doctor's appointment and she has gained 3 lbs.

12 July 2010

Parents Visit

A great but quickly gone 10 days, here are some quick shots, before I have to go home to feed the little one again.
Arthur took Nik and the parents to Volos, for a quick trip to the seafront.

eWe also went to Lake Plastiras for a coffee and lunch at a great little restaurant near a river and serving fresh trout.
Dad with the babe.
Rhonda with the babe.
Nik cleaning off a dirty diaper in the pretty cold mountain river.
Last day family photo shot, I sure am going to miss the extra hands, and the fun days of getting out of the house.
The girls

Great Big Brother

What a great big brother, here are some shots.

Sharing his train