28 February 2013

February Finish-Reversible Sewing Machine Cover

I LOVE MY FEBRUARY FINISH, this is the first time that I have started a new hobby and have kept the first project for myself, I am calling this my first quilting project, even though it is only a cover for my sewing machine, I did a little bit of stitch in the ditch quilting, yippee!


For my first "quilting" project, not really a quilt but I did make my own binding and I want to share 2 really helpful little things that I found.

1. Making bias tape out of a fat quarter, I made 9 yards!

1 1/8 strips cut from a "tube", get the directions from here (opens in a new window)

2.  A Printable Bias Tape Maker, .5 inch (I did this, but will do the) 1 inch next time.

Pinned the free printable to my new IKEA ironing board

and with my little helper we made 9 yards of .5 inch double fold bias tape!

I used the Missouri Quilt Co. sewing machine binding tutorial, I just skipped the part about how to make binding since I had already done that, but I might try her way sometime soon, because it looked really easy.  She said for fun to have the binding stitch on the front of the quilt done in different type of stitch than the normal straight stitch and I thought what a great idea.  So I picked the J stitch off of my machine, it reminded me of waves (i.e. turtles swimming in water) and I didn't have to worry about it being a perfect straight line, sweet.
Space to put in a close up picture of "the stitch" later when we have sun again.
I love Turtles and I have a whole Pinterest Board filled with turtle ideas.  A wonderful lady named Roxanne sent me a turtle mug rug and some extra fabric, so I just had to make a matching turtle sewing machine cover.  And next month I plan on making a turtle pincushion (you can find it on my pinterest board) and a matching hexagon holder made with, what else, turtles!
A close up shot of the slit I made at the top for the handle and of course the turtles.

It's a Reversible Sewing Machine Cover, showing inside flipped out.
 A totally cool thing about my Cover is that I made it Reversible and used a little bit of Re-purposed material (see next paragraph).  When you flip my cover off you can put it under the machine, because on the back side I have made pockets, 1 for scraps and all of those clipped strings, 2 for my scissors that my kids keep hiding, 3 for my future turtle pin cushion.  I got the idea from Pinterest, where else, Joy at How Joyful has a tutorial although I did mine a little different, of course.

 I was going to use ties with cut out hexagon buttons to hold it but I made the sides so large that it really doesn't need them.  I used some left over brown wool and a pair of brown pants that I ripped a whole in the, well let's just say when I bent over I felt some cool air (I don't know how long I had it there but my husband spotted it as we were walking up the stairs and this was on a day after I had gone to the outdoor market with hundreds of people around) and timber herringbone from Surly Sheep.  I also used 2 different Kona blue colors and I wish I could tell you the names but I bought a whole bunch of blue's at one time and they didn't come labeled, so they are blue.  Also I used Emerald green batik fabric that worked perfectly in matching the sea turtles in the fabric that Roxanne had sent me.

I hope I don't offend anyone in saying this is my first "quilting" project, but oh my I can't wait to see how I do "quilting" on my home machine with a larger project, this one was plenty large for me!

Tell me, if you are still reading, do you love it as much as I do, or am I really turtle crazy?
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19 February 2013

Get Your Hex On, March

Hello Fellow Bee Girls

This is my block that I sent in the mail last week you should see your package soon.

I only have 2 rules
   1.  The only green you can use is the one I provided if you have more Kona Olive in your stash, then you can use it.
    2.  The vespas need to go in a certain direction, half of you got vespas going right, they need to be on top, and half of you got vespas going left and they need to be on the bottom.

Otherwise you can do whatever you want, a whole block of hexies (only 16 whole and 4 half) or shapes, if you want to do hexies on the side that is fine also.
The vespa measures 3 1/4 by 2  1/2, use 1/4 seams
I cut my hexagons as 2 1/2 blocks and this will be helpful if you do a full hexie block like the one on the right in the above picture, because you don't want to trim until you finish.
Not trimmed seeing what direction to go

Trimmed and sewn to bottom white piece of 2 1/2 x 6
 Colors you can add from your own stash are blue (as long as it looks good with the rest of the fabrics provided), grey, white or black.  You can make it pretty much any way you want.
If you have any questions let me know.

Finished size from left to right 8 1/2 and up and down 10 1/2 if you do all hexies like the top right picture then it might come out as 10 1/4, this is fine.

Mostly 1 inch hexies, since I cut the fabric at 2 1/2 but I leave the size up to you also.

If you are not in the Bee but would like to "Get Your Hex On" and do some hexies then stop on over at Stacey's blog The Tilted Quilt, she is in the process of filling a 3rd bee group, a load of fun.

10 February 2013

Goodbye Dragon, Hello Snake

Do you celebrate the Chinese New Year?
I was born during the year of the Dragon, I wasn't going to tell you but I really don't mind saying, 1976.  And this year the dragon was very kind to me, I won my share of giveaways, and I wanted to give credit to them, since I haven't done so for the last few.

My first win I blogged about here, it was from Kristy over at Hopeful Threads, she does a new project each month for charity.  This month is bibs for 2 different charities, I participated in the November one also and made 2 Christmas Stockings for kids at the local hospital in Thessaloniki.  I won a charm pack and 1 yard of fabric from Contemporary Cloth Store.

My next win I also blogged about here it was for my donkey that I made for Donktober Fest over on Missy Mac Creations, it was so fun, I found out about the craziness of Donktober fest at the very end, but I was able to quickly whip up 2 of her Donkey Stuffed animals by using re-purposed socks.  I won a $20 gift certificate to Marmalade Fabrics, I got one of Tammy's awesome Monthly Gem Bundles.

These are the ones that I didn't report or show any pictures of so here goes, in December I won 2 from the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Event that I have heard happens twice a year, this was my first time participating, wow, I entered a lot of giveaways.
I won a fat quarter bundle in the Aqua Color way from Tula Pinks' Salt Water collection from Caitlin at I don't do dishes.

The second win during this huge giveaway event was from Jade over at Ookie La La blog in Australia, some cute Holly Hobbie Appliques, I don't have a picture of these, my daughter took them as her own and they are in her "stash".

Then to end the year just right, I won Christa Quilts New Years Eve giveaway of 8 fat quarters of Pearl Bracelets or $28 towards whatever she has in the shop.  She has a great shop and Free shipping for the States, ( I missed out on the $10 International shipping), she has weekly specials and daily deals.  If you haven't heard of her then you haven't been doing any fabric shopping.  I have not used the gift certificate yet I was waiting for February and now shipping is so high, even though she does give a 20% discount.

During the In Your Own Words Blog Hop I won 4 Fat Quarters from Pat over at Scrappatches, if you didn't see what she created you should check it out, she always makes the neatest things for the blog hops.
She tied the fat quarters with a strip of words, how cool is that, and then her quote that she printed on fabric with the definition BELIEVE, love it!

Speaking of Blog Hops, if you have not been to !Sew We Quilt! blog well then you are missing out, this is the blog to follow if you want to join in blog hops or get your inspirational creative juices flowing.  I have signed up for another hop in April, called April showers the new hop starts tomorrow Hugs and Kisses and the last hop Dare to Dresden I won a gift certificate from the very own and madly popular Madame Samm, a kind of honor in itself considering she has over 5,000 followers. From Madame Samm's dresden blog hop giveaway to Janes Fabrics Etsy Shop, she has a lot of Presencia thread and some cute gingham fabrics.  A $20 gift certificate, Sweet.

So that was an end to my good luck Dragon, (the last win was just this past Monday).
I have tried to pay back my wins and will continue to do "good deeds".
Thank you to all of the blogs and all of the shops that have been so kind to me, may the Snake bring everyone great abundance.

Oh my gosh I almost forgot about the beautiful homemade gift that I won, Homemade gifts are the best, although if I don't like something then I won't enter in the giveaway.  But this one I liked a lot it is so cute and perfect for a little girl.
 Not only did Erin over at Hazel and Company give away this skirt but she also has provided a tutorial on how to make your own, either in the long version or the short.  I am truly in awe of this women, she has 5 kids and another one on the way, so amazing, I mean I can't get anything done with just 2 little rugrats, so to anyone that has more, bravo and kuddos to you!
So this little dress is on it's way or has arrived to my niece she recently lost her beloved grandfather and I hope this dress will bring a little cheer to such a pretty girl.  Once again thank you Erin for sharing your gift of making and creating cute things.

07 February 2013

"Forget Me Knot" Dress, Butterfly style

An Unscheduled Finish:
So if you haven't gotten your bundle of PDF Patterns yet, you better hurry up, the sale ends on the 11th.  If you purchase it through my website I get part of the proceeds, how awesome is that.  It's 18 PDF patterns for $24.95 but with a value of $139.
One of the patterns included is for this too cute Forget me knot dress by Me Sew Crazy , I just had to make it because it has this hole in the back that I wanted to make into the shape of a butterfly, so I did a little tweaking to the pattern and came up with this for the back.
2 holes instead of 1, not quite a perfect butterfly shape, but fun.
The fabric is Cocoon by Valori Wells, the top is Cashmere in Ruby White and the bottom is Liv in Coral, I bought it from Stash Modern Fabric during her Black Friday Sale. She is being very generous for us Internationals in that she can fit 10 yards in a package and is giving $5 dollars off of the cost of postage.  Here's here blog page Stash Fabrics.
Now you may ask why my model isn't wearing her dress, she decided she wanted to be the photographer today and took pictures of her toys.
Taking pictures instead of modeling.
Don't forget to pick up your own bundle of patterns so you can make any one of the 18 patterns, plus there is a giveaway, so enter that too!

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04 February 2013

Awesome Pattern Sale

Today is the 1st day of the 1st ever Sew Fab e-Pattern Bundle Sale and giveaway, sponsored by The Southern Institute and Fat Quarter Shop!

Over the past eight weeks a lot of behind the scenes work has taken place to bring you this amazing bundle of ePatterns from several of the top pattern designers and bloggers in the sewing and blogging world. The result is a bundle of 18 PDF sewing patterns that you don't want to miss.
Buy NowFor one week only, ten pattern designers have come together to bring you 18 of their best PDF patterns, valued together at over $139.00, for the incredible price of $24.95! That's over 80% off of the combined retail value! Plus you can enter to win a dream of a giveaway valued at $390 from some really great shops! For less than $25.00 you will have a library of resources that you can use over and over again. The designers that have joined this sale are experts in their craft. They have been sewing for a very long time and are well known in blogland and elsewhere. Each designer has contributed one or two of their favorite patterns to create a bundle that is sure to please! Whether you are sewing for your own family or making gifts for others, these are patterns that you will love to use. If you've never sewn with a PDF pattern before, let me tell you how great it is! After downloading your pattern instructions and your pattern, you will print out the pattern itself, creating pattern tiles, if you will. Simply tape the tiles together to create the full pattern! At that point you can cut out the size that you need and pin the paper pattern directly to your fabric or you can trace the pattern size that you need onto sewing paper or tissue paper and cut it out, saving the paper pattern for later when you need to sew another size. Pdf patterns are so convenient because you can print them out as many times as you need!
Click here to buy the bundle!
Now let me tell you a little bit about the giveaway!
The Sew Fab Giveaway is amazing! One lucky winner will win a bunch of amazing prizes from Craftsy, Fat Quarter Shop, fabricworm, Jennifer's Jewels Custom Labels on Etsy, Green Bee Patterns, author Deborah Moebes, Mee a Bee, Gussy Sews, I'm Feeling Crafty, and Ball and Chain on Etsy. See the end of the post for giveaway details. This giveaway is not to be missed!

I know you're dying to know "What is included in the pattern bundle?"

18 well-loved ePatterns from 10 well-known designers are instantly accessible to you by PDF download upon purchase of the Sew Fab e-Pattern Bundle. Here are the patterns that you will receive (click on the links below to see more details):
Goodship Dress by One Girl Circus, Mommy & Mia Apron by Sew Much Ado, Ruby Lou Doll by Sew Much Ado, Mini Maxi Dress by Seamingly Smitten, Miss Mod Top by Seamingly Smitten, Love Your Lunch Box by Ginger Cakes, Modern Folksy Bunny by Ginger Cakes, Banyan Pants & Shorts by Figgy's, Banyan Top & Tunic by Figgy's, Go To Shift Dress by Go To Patterns, Go To Gift Bags by Go To Patterns, Sidekick Suitcase by Sew Fearless, Madeline Dress by Me Sew Crazy, Forget Me Knot Dress by Me Sew Crazy, Alex & Anna Summer PJs by Peekaboo Pattern Shop, Alex & Anna Winter PJs by Peekaboo Pattern Shop, Commuter Cowl by luvinthemommyhood, Scirocco Dress by Figgy's The Sew Fab e-Pattern Bundle is only available for one week and will never be available again! You can purchase the bundle from February 4th at 8 a.m. EST through February 11th at 8 a.m. EST and there will be no late sales offered. Due to the nature of the sale there will be no refunds offered.
You don't want to miss this unique opportunity to purchase a ready made collection of 18 PDF sewing patterns from 10 of the best designers out there!
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And now for The Sew Fab Giveaway!

You are not going to believe the prizes included in this giveaway! Can't buy the bundle? It's okay... purchase is not required to enter. Take a look at what you have the chance to win:
A Sewing Themed Box of Goodies from Pick Your Plum Fabulous Wristlet from Gussy Sews (not necessarily the one pictured) The latest release, Stitch Savvy, by Deborah Moebes Sterling Silver Sewing Machine necklace from Ball and Chain on Etsy $50 Gift Certificate to Fat Quarter Shop $50 Gift Certificate to fabricworm A free online class from Craftsy.com The Scoop Tote Pattern from Green Bee Patterns 60 Custom Tags from Jennifer's Jewels Red Riding Hood Little Girl's Satchel from Mee a Bee Handmade Sewing Machine Cover from I'm Feeling Crafty


There are lots of chances to win and no purchase required to enter the giveaway. Just use the Rafflecopter widget and enter to win this amazing prize package that will inspire you in your sewing as well as keep you stocked with fabric for many projects to come!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Sew Fab e-Pattern Bundle Sale!

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Graphic design by Andrea Panell.  


Pajamas from Grandma Peters.
 This one is pretty explanatory, they are both bending over chairs to watch Sunday morning cartoons.  Kat's favorite cartoon is Chaplin and Co. a funny cartoon with no words based off of Charlie Chaplin humor.  I think she likes it just because there are no spoken words, being bi-lingual they watch cartoons in English and Greek but I bet it is hard for her to understand sometimes.  Now Nik is totally proficient in his bi-lingual skills and I love it when he explains to me what is happening, then I know for sure that he understands ( I do too for the most part, but I pretend ignorance and tell him he is such a smart boy!).  His favorite cartoon is Le Petite Prince, it's french, I think this will be the next language he learns, either that or Spanish.  I am so glad he got his fathers tongue for languages, because I definitely don't have one.
A good picture of me with out my double/triple chin showing, hehe.  Don't mind the grey hair, I have decided to grow it out, at least until summer time, we will see what I do then.  Compared to when I lived in Sacramento and would go see my hairdresser Jessica every 6 weeks, the last time I got my haircut was in September, whoa, at least I think that is the date.

02 February 2013

February Goal

For February I would like to finish my sewing machine cover, here it is as a Work In Progress (WIP)
Sewing Machine Cover
The Turtle Fabric you may recognize it from an earlier post it was a gift from Roxanne over at Scrapbook-ChickADoodle.
My Sewing machine cover will be reversible with a Sewing Caddy on the back.

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