26 October 2010

A little bit of noise

I had to hide the camera off to the side because when she saw it she would stop making her little noises. She does a lot of this little talking even when she wakes up it is just small sounds. She hardly ever cries really loud only when she is super tired or when her brother hits her.

08 October 2010

Baby Kat 4 months old

Here she is in a sweater that Arthur wore 40 years ago, I have a photo of Arthur in this sweater and they look very similar. The Nike pants are from Jon and Kelly and the cute shoe/socks are from Auntie Jeanie all in Texas. Both Kat and I love her little rocker chair that Dad and Rhonda bought, it lets her sit up and look out at the world.
Such beautiful skin.
Always wiggling.
And Talking.
Oops done with this photo shoot!

looking at the past when Nik was 4 months old.

07 October 2010

How I Spank Nik

With a Meat Tenderizer.

and Time Outs

A Bag instead of a Dunce Cap.
totally kidding on both photos, this is all of Nik's imagination at play.

01 October 2010

Here's my pretty girl. She's still a baby thank goodness. She loves to Coo and Wiggle. Patience should be her middle name because she is very good at just chillin' while other things are happening around her. Her head control is getting stronger so good things are too come.


Making Wine. As Nik would say "doin", because I ask him all of the time "Nik what are you doing?" When he is out of my sight and being very quite, it normally means up to no good. I look and sure enough, flour all over the kitchen, washing powder all over the bathroom, all of the sheets and pillows on the floor of the bedroom, no room is safe to put this kid in without adult supervision.
Here he is posing in the vineyard with my frappe that he confiscated and took as his own. He really loves to pose for the camera as long as its on his own terms.

Very beautiful grapes in what I like to call the Napa Valley of Greece. This location is between Trikala and Larisa about one hour from our house, the guy we bought grapes from has about 14 acres of grapes, we were in just one of his locations. Lucky for us he had the grapes already picked we just came and had them transfered into our crates. The way it works is on the way in they weigh the vehicle and then after you load up they weigh it again and the difference is how much the weight of the grapes is and this is what you pay for.
We crushed the grapes that night, I helped hold the machine and removed some of the stems and leaves. Arthur did the hard part of lifting and transferring of grapes and later grape juice and remnants. The juice is now fermenting in two big barrels, ready to become wine. Will we make ouzo with the leftovers, I don't know but I will keep you posted.