08 March 2011

Building a snowman

It snowed all day Monday, but quickly melted today. Nik was able to have a snowball fight with me in the morning and then he went and made snowmen with grandma. Here she is warming up his hands and he is wearing his jacket, jeans and boots from Grandma Peters. He loves snow and plays "fake snow" at home and even has dreams of snow (he wakes me up at night saying "look snow" while he his still sleeping, talking in his sleep, I guess it's genetic).

Kat Dancing

Okay this video is a little long, but very fun. She is dancing to the Scorpions, her favorite group. Nik likes to listen to the Police and they dance very well together. Generally the dancing is a little more intense but she got distracted by the camera, someday I will film the 2 of them dancing together, but those are wild times.

Opening a Present

Here's Nik getting a present for his birthday, we limited it to just one, but he had been getting gifts every few days since Christmas. His excitement was like this with each one, so the long extended gift giving was more enjoyable than if he had gotten everything at once.