31 December 2016

Tell Me a Story Pillow

I joined Amy of During Quiet Time for the Tell Me a Story Holiday Pillow a version of her Tell Me A Story Quilt in her Intentional Piecing book.
I love the idea of this quilt, but I'm really bad at being "scrappy" and although there are tips on how to make it not so scrappy I still decided to make the color around the fussy cut squares all one color, plus I was using scraps from another Christmas project, so it was a win win situation.  Now to find the cutest center Christmas fabrics and along came Lucy of Charm About You blog, she sent me a FQ of the cutest Christmas fabric and I was able to make 6 blocks with it.
The Stories:

 Mr. Snowman was the fist to arrive in Santa's village, actually he never left since the elves made him last year.
This guy was next, he wanted to be there in case any of Santa's Reindeer ended up getting sick, his little bunny friend helped put lights up in his antler's, just in case it was Rudolf who got sick.

Little Nik ran ahead of his family he was so excited to see Santa coming.
Along came the rest of the Penguin family, little Katerina was wearing her new red scarf to show Santa.
The little red fox was also hoping to show off his new scarf to Santa.
Mr. Polar Bear brought several gifts for Santa to drop off with some of his family that had moved to Canada.

All six of these are from the same print, adorable right.  I even had extra of the fabric and sent it to another friend who lives in the States, so this FQ went from the UK, to Greece, to USA!
In Thanks, Tammy , sent me some cute fabrics she had been cutting up for her blocks.
I wanted the Santa that she had, it was perfect!
For the next block, this little elf was in charge of letting everyone know that Santa was coming, she told the bird's to spread the word in song, "Here Comes Santa Claus"
All the elves started to sing along.
Even Santa was singing along.
It makes a perfect pillow, with slight changes to the original plan and what is written in the book. (guilty look here, I'm horrible at following directions and sometimes think I know what will look best)
Here is the finished Pillow.
 Quilted with Red Aurifil #2250 and Blue Aurifil #6738

Tammy sent me so many cute fussy cut squared that I just had to make a second pillow,
 This one is based off of a Christmas Song, "Santa Clause is Coming to Town"  especially the line, who is naughty and nice.  I think the little girl above is on the naughty list and the one below is obviously on the nice list.
Again scrappy greens from a previous Christmas project, sadly I needed to order more of the grey fabric and even though I ordered it from the UK it did not make it here in time.  So these will continue after Christmas.