07 May 2007

A Day in the Life of Mara

Mara starts her day by waking up around 9am, she walks down to the Koka Roka to clean the rooms, from the guests who have left that day. Mara makes the beds and mops, Arthur shakes the covers and sweeps the floors.

Mara goes shop therapy, checking out the goods at the street market. Today she bought fresh strawberries and a few flowers to plant in the garden.

Watering the garden in the afternoon, after planting the flowers that she bought earlier at the street market.
To be continued........

06 May 2007


Drive-thrus are so rare here in Greece that they have to have signs on how to go about ordering food at the Athens McDonald's.
First you drive on the drive thru road
Second you give your order at the first window and pay
Third you go to the second window and get your food and good appetite
This is how you order food at a drive-thru window in Greece.
Bon Appetite