30 August 2008

7 Months

The things he can do:Suck his toes (he won't let me take a picture)
Look Cool while sucking a pacifier
Got Milk (actually yogurt)

He can also now go from a sitting position and pull himself up on something to stand and stand for a few seconds on his own. Crawling is a backwards affair and frustrates him greatly because he would like to go forward but somehow ends up going in reverse. He enjoys eating pretty much anything we give him and really likes it when it comes from our own plates or if we show interest in eating his food. Dad (Tim) said he would be a sailor in the Olympics but I think he will either play soccer or any sport really to do with kicking his feet because they are constantly in motion. This is why we have him walking all of the time because if you hold him he is kicking his feet, if he is laying down he is kicking his feet (very hard for diaper changes) so it is better to just have him walking around or in his walker.

20 August 2008

Weight Update

We went to the doctor today for our monthly shot and Nik weighed in at 18 lbs., 4 more lbs. to go and we go in for the second surgery. At this rate I'm guessing it will probably be sometime in November.

19 August 2008

DVD Player

We are so excited to announce that we have a DVD player that plays all of our movies, yippee! This is exciting for a number of reasons:

1st: I haven't been able to play my American movies since moving here. Computer screens are really to small especially when you have a big screen TV in the living room.

2nd: We get free movies in the paper and sometimes even those didn't work on our old DVD player. We have every James Bond movie and we haven't been able to watch them.

This is our great happening of the week, we own about 300-400 movies, we have a whole lot of catching up to do.

14 August 2008

I eat what you eat

Nik is a eating machine, he prefers to eat the way grownups eat. No more bottle milk for him, he wants it out of a glass (very messy). Why eat with a spoon when you can lick the plate like mom did. Don't eat anything or do anything that you don't want him to do because he will follow whatever you are doing. I am making homemade baby food and so far we have had pears and plums, he especially likes the plum and unfortunately the color of the plum sauce can really stain clothes. He likes everything we give him, see video above with cookies.

10 August 2008

Finally someone who likes to clean

Here's our little cleaner, this is a swifter and Nik loves pushing it in front of him. I love it because he actually is cleaning the floor, now I just need to teach him how to mop. I must admit I am pretty lazy when it comes to cleaning and Arthur does the cleaning at the shop so he doesn't do much cleaning at home, so I am so glad that we have produced a child that likes to clean. I just hope his good cleaning habits continue.

08 August 2008

We have contact

Or in other words "I finally have my contacts." I have been without contacts for a whole year now, last year when I was pregnant I had an eye infection and I didn't like the way the medicine made me feel so I didn't take it. Then when we went to the eye doctor again I found out that my eye sight had gotten worse by a whole point. He told me to wait until three months after giving birth to see if my eyesight would go back to normal and it did, yippee! I am still as blind as a bat at -7.5 and I now have a little astigmatism but I am so glad to be back in contacts because it is so hot here that my glasses slide down my nose and I feel like I 'm living in the fifties and am all nerdy.We will be in the States, hopefully, November 2009, bar any complications.

Little kitty is doing very well and is feeling good, thanks for the prayers.

06 August 2008




Kinda Walkin

No crawling yet, but he sure is a mover and loves to walk.