31 March 2008


Nik is full of smiles and is cooing and oohing!
outfit provided by Jennifer Peters
handler - Arthur Sakkas
photographer - Mara Capron

1 Year

Arthur and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary on the 21st. Eric and Leslie sent us a cake mix and frosting, so I baked it to celebrate and we ate it within 24 hours, YUMMY!

20 March 2008


Valerie and Bryan , HELP, my photo shoots seem to require a pacifier, any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Handcrafted N made by Jeanie and Kara Landiak.

Pre-Baptism Baptism

Nik was pre-baptised on his 46th day, they normally do this on the 40th day but that would have been at another church and we wanted to do it at our church just down the street. This church is 1,000 years old and before that it was a temple (they built on top of it and you can see some remaining pillars and tiles). They don't allow you to take pictures inside of the church, so if you want to view some amazing frescoes you will have to come and visit us for the real baptism. Sometime in the next year or two the date hasn't been set yet but we will keep you posted perhaps June of 2009, depends on the second surgury.
I was very impressed with Nik's ability to keep his hunger at bay, he woke up while the priest had me on my knees in front of him with this table cloth neck wrap on top of my head. I could feel him wiggling around (no pacifier), then the priest had me hand over Nik to him and I thought "uh-oh, now we are in for it" but Nik was totally calm and allowed the priest to carry him around the church. I was so proud of my little boy as he just calmly looked around and checked out his new surroundings, the church is truly beautiful. He didn't let out a cry untill we exited the church but we were prepared with a bottle of milk (top picture) and fed him right there next to the church. The bottom photo is before the "ceremony" the church is to the left and the rocks are behind Arthur and Nik.
Nikolaos Sakkas is wrapped in a green wrap provided by Leslie and Eric Capron.

17 March 2008

Mara or Arthur

Okay, I realize this is a lot of blogs for one day, but I am making up for the last week and I will have even more once I get the new pictures downloaded so look forward to that in a few days.

I missed the final total of the bet on my dad's blog, did I win the look alike contest or did that bald Greek guy win. To clarify Nik is not bald just shaved, he has hair in the back (Yes it looks like a mullet) but it is beautiful hair. Since I get to spend a lot of time with our little guy I have decided that even though he has my feet (I will have to get a picture of our feet), I think he will end up looking like Arthur, his facial expressions remind me of Arthur. Here is a wonderful picture Arthur took, what do you think now?

Coffee Break

Bath Time

He loves bath time, this is our little set up in the bathroom for easy changing and he loves the bathroom. He can be crying and we take him into the bathroom and he gets all quite and just looks around, I think it's the bathroom colors, Arthur thinks it's the freeing of his little willy that quites him down. He has peed on Arthur many times because he doesn't cover him and I'm telling you his bladder must be huge because alot comes out. That was probably to much information, but I just had to share with everyone.


Last Thursday we went up to Thessaloniki for our two week check-up. We were planning on going Tuesday, but Monday was a Holiday so I thought maybe some of the doctors would make it a 4 day holiday so we thought to go on Wednesday. On Wednesday the doctors went on strike that's right a STRIKE, here everyone goes on strike last week we had our power turned off about 5 times, our water about 3, they aren't picking up trash in the bigger cities, everyone is striking in protest to the government trying to make changes to their Social Security. It's not a bad change what the government is trying to do is reduce the number of companies in charge of pension (Social Security), there are about 80-100 different pensions out there. Now if you work for the electricity company that pays you 4,000 euros a month for retirement, well then you would want to go on strike, because that is rich money in Greece or anywhere really. The pension plan that we are on for Tavernas pays about 450euros, so we aren't on strike, HA!

Okay, let's talk about what the doctors said, not much in fact we drove 6 hours for them to tell us "He looks good, come back when he is 10kilos (22 lbs)." So at least we won't have to make that trip again for a while, and he does look good, they didn't weigh him so no stats on that but I can tell you his little hands and feet are getting much fatter and he is filling in all of that extra skin he had around his knees and elbows. In fact his Grandmother Katerini put a yarn bracelet on his wrist when he first came home and it is already getting tight on him.
Nicolaos Sakkas wearing a Disney Tiger outfit and hat provided by Gracie and Garry Capron.

12 March 2008

Better Be Quick

If you don't give me my milk NOW! I will continue to pinch you.

Sleeping Poses

"It's the Paparazzi again"
"Come on, Put em' up, Put em' up." From whatever disney character that says that.
"So, I was thinking....."
"How did my pacifier get up nose?"

06 March 2008



Thank you everyone who has sent us a package, in the coming weeks I will showcase a few of the things we have received. My blogging is my little escape and some much needed air. Of course I get fresh air when I hang the laundry out to dry and compared to doing laundry twice a week to twice a day, I'm out there getting fresh air often.

Models Mara and Nik, Nik is wearing a easy to button Carter's outfit provided by Aunt Maurine and Uncle James.
Stuffed dog Skipit provided by Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Mike.
Child Handling, Grooming and Photography by the Parents.