21 April 2010

Joining the 21st Century

We finally have Wi-Fi at KokaRoka, now our guest who bring their own computer can just get a password and hook up. Unfortunately our house is just a little too far away for my computer to piggy back on to KokaRoka's Wi-Fi, but I bring my laptop down and then Arthur can use his and I can use mine at the same time.

We have also purchased a King sized bed, compared to our less than double bed that made rolling over impossible, this is very exciting news. Hopefully it will be here before the little one arrives.

There are a lot of other projects in the works, we are placing cement in the heating room to make the floor even. I am painting the backyard's cement wall and placing a trellis so I can plant some honeysuckle. We also need to refinish the wood railing's outside on the verandas. Lot's of projects this spring and I better get them done before my Dad and Rhonda arrive in July.

08 April 2010


I thought I would write a little about Nik and how he is growing. His legs have finally caught up to his upper body and are fitting into toddler size 3 pants. He is speaking a little more and some of my favorite words are Bye, money and please.
He likes to get ready to go places by packing a bag and then he slings it over his shoulder and says "bye" and then blows me a kiss, sometimes when I ask him where he is going he will say "church" or "ΓιαΓια" (grandma), too cute.
Anyone working with a saw or power tool is "Παπου" (grandpa) and he always request "more" when he hears these noises, I guess he likes the sound.
He also loves to go to the grocery store and will pick out what he would like to buy and then he will give the "money" to the cashier. He totally understands that everything cost money and that he needs to pay for it. He also loves to take money out of the cash register machine in KokaRoka and put it in his pocket, I have found up to 50euros in there. "Money" is a wonderful way to make a friend with him, I ask him if he would like some money and he dances and jumps around saying "money, money, money".
He has also learned that a "please" can pretty much get him anything, even stuff that I have denied previously, it is just so hard to deny such a cute "pleeeasse".

Easter Weekend in Greece

Nik's Godfather (Bill) brought him his candle along with a large chocolate egg with a spider man toy inside and a police plane for the Easter weekend. Nik gave him kiss when he got the presents but after the presents were opened and as his Godfather was leaving he wouldn't give a kiss. So if you want kisses you better bring a present and ask for the kiss right away or you will miss out, hehehehe!

On Friday we went to the Lake with Arthur's friends Martin and his pregnant girlfriend Angela (she is due around the same time as me and the same age) they live in Austria. We had lunch at a tavern and then enjoyed some ice cream while walking around the small town, Nik wanted to join a farmer who had his lambs and chickens out, he loves animals. The lake is very full this year and the place that we normally go to for a coffee had water in half of their parking lot and the chairs were right on the water's edge, a whole new meaning to sitting by the lake.

On Saturday we tried to stay up for the 11:30PM church service (this is when you burn your candle) but we just couldn't make it, went to bed at 11, almost made it. On Sunday we roasted a whole lamb.

Pictures to come