29 June 2010

Jealous Nay!

This is where the baby sleeps but Nik has decided he would like to sleep there too!
Milk for little baby, milk for big baby. He now wakes up at night wanting milk too, I'm going backwards not forwards. My parents are arriving this weekend so hopefully we will get a little break. He has also started the bad habit of spitting and has spit on her a couple of times but then he says "nice" and will give her a kiss.

Have Escaped

I have escaped the house for a couple of minutes, there is a 40 day rule in Greece were the baby stays at home, she has escaped with me and is now taking a nap in the corner. Here's a picture of me being wheeled into surgery, I was the second scheduled C-section of the day. By the way the surgeon did such a good job with my new scar that I think this will be the final baby for us, already you can tell it will be pretty invisible. They numbed my lower back and legs (a very weird sensation) but otherwise I was awake during the surgery and was able to hear her first cries.
Very first photo op, taken by Arthur while they sewed me up and I recovered the use of my legs about 2 hours. She came in weighing at 3290 gr or 7.25 lbs, not bad for being 2 weeks early and 50 cm or 19.68 inches tall.
Proud Papa
Proud Mama

Little Foot and all of her different faces.

05 June 2010

Our New Bed

It's so big it fills up the room, but I'm lovin' it.
Arthur was nice enough to paint the walls a beautiful sunset purple our curtains and bed cover are the color of a light moss green.

Each side of the bed has two deep drawers built in for extra storage.