23 July 2009

First Night Lefkada Vacation

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We took off quickly on Sunday afternoon after a baptism for Lefkada Island, you can drive onto the island via a underwater tunnel and then a bridge. The picture above and below is a quick pit stop for some coffee and so Nik could run around and eat some chocolate from the baptism.
This is a view of Lefkas village and the mainland in front.
You can see the bridge to the left.
We stopped in Kathisma beach at a hotel called Sirios, it was the best place we stayed at, the view was absolutely "far out" (Arthur's favorite words during this trip) with wonderful sandy beach, unfortunately the waves and wind were to rough for the baby so he swam in the pool.
View from the room
The hotel
The sunset
Beach at sunset
Swimming in the pool, we could only stay one night, they were full for the next night. A total bummer, especially since we didn't find a nicer place. They had even provided us with a cot for baby to sleep in, very nice hotel.

Second Night

On the second day we drove down to the tip of Lefkada to a beach called Porto Katsiki (goat door), as you can see from the photos, it has beautiful waters and a wonderful beach. We would have stopped except Nik was sleeping so well that we didn't want to wake him up, so we continued.

We stayed in Vasiliki a small village the second night, here is Nik in the swimming pool again. Boy did he love the water, beach or pool, he wanted in immediately.

We ate dinner right at the port, a little windy but Nik had plenty of room to run around and watch boats.

Third Night

This is a view of Nidri, Lefkada from above the town we stayed in on the third night.
We are called the Fanella Family (wife beaters aka. fanella)
The extremely rocky beach, that required shoes.
But Nik had a whole bunch of fun throwing rocks.

The view from this room, gave us some great views of the water and islands surrounding the bay.
We had a room right next to some fellow Kalambakians, this is Andreas and his wife cooked us dinner, very nice.
Sunrise view from the room, Yes Nik went to bed late and woke up early enough for me to get these photos.
On our final day we drove back up to Parga, were we had spent one night last week. We went to a different beach this time, it also had small pebbles but we didn't mind much better than slippery big rocks.

We then enjoyed a really nice lunch, Nik had chicken kebab, Arthur Mousaka and I had pork with bar-b-q sauce (the first time I have seen it on a menu in Greece and boy was it good).

13 July 2009

First Day in the Sea

We are in Parga a beach called Lihnos.

11 July 2009

Guess what time it is?

I took these pictures out on our veranda yesterday, guess what time it is? It was just after a big thunder storm.

We are going to the sea
We are going to the sea
We get to go swimming
Yippee for us three!

We will be gone for a few days, driving to Parga and then onto Lefkada Island. Finally a vacation.