19 August 2011

Coming State Side

Hello Family and Friends I will be visiting Sacramento from September 15 to the 24th, if you want to see me you can come and meet me.
Love to you all

17 August 2011

My Yes Girl

At the age of 14 months our little girl is very brave here are a few things that she likes to do:

  1. She likes to visit her friend up the road and will start without me.
  2. She also likes to go down the road to see the cats.
  3. She climbs everything, stairs, chairs, the couch and bed, cabinets and ladders.
  4. When she climbs as high as she can get she will perch on the edge, dining room table, couch, bed and cabinets.
  5. She's loves to dance but to rock music, today the Scorpions.
  6. Her dance style is like a person doing leg squats, I can only do 1 song- she does 4 to 5.
  7. Most kids say no first she says YES!
  8. She still adores her older brother even though he has given her several bumps and bruises.
  9. She is very accident prone, yesterday she busted her lip when she slipped on the floor, Nik poked one eye, she poked the other and then she bumped her nose climbing the drawer cabinets. This all in one day.
  10. I love going on walks with her because she stops to smell the roses, she's my little ladybug.

06 August 2011

Cool Tree and Mountain Trip

Here's my pretty girl being good and all smiley a relief compared to Nik being a crazy screaming man after entering a monastery where the priest was trying to say a prayer over him. We went on a trip up to this monastery specifically because Grandma Katerina wanted us to go, Arthur kept telling us that we were going to a church to drink wine. Well this just kind of messed up the whole trip for one thing I was under the impression that it was just a hour away it ended up being 2 1/2 hours away and on a road that was super windy (the mountains were beautiful). Kat got sick and threw up breakfast lucky for me I didn't feed Nik or he would have been in the same predicament. I wasn't wearing the proper clothing to enter a monastery, women must wear skirts and shirts that cover the shoulders. But they give you a skirt to borrow and Arthur had a extra shirt in the car. Nik finally calmed down after we left and stopped for lunch.
The week before the kids played with a cousin that came from Larissa.
My water babies playing in the river, Nik is trying to catch a fish (one of his favorite pretend games).
This tree growing out of a rock was seen on the road to the monastery.
This is where we ate lunch after the monastery, the food was good and the location was excellent with views of the valley and mountains. We had the whole inside of the restaurant to ourselves since everyone else was eating outside and this is a benefit because the kids could then run around. We ended our trip on a good note with the kids falling asleep immediately after lunch so the rest of the car trip was peaceful.
I found out after our trip the reason why Katerina wanted us to go....When Arthur was 4 months old, she took him to this monastery. But 42 years ago there was no road to this monastery so instead she rode a horse up and down the mountains it took 8 hours to get there from her home village, they spent the night and Arthur screamed the whole time and 3 priest came to say the cross over him, then they left the next day for another 8 hours on a horse. So really my little air-conditioned car drive was nothing compared to her trip.

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