31 March 2017

Sew Many Colors Mini

Sew Many Colors Rainbow Mini

I love Aurifil and I just so happen to have a ton of Kona Cotton Solids.

I picked out my Rainbow of Aurifil and matched them up with the Kona, now in case you don't have 100 FQ's of Kona laying around or even Aurifil laying around you can always check with Play Crafts Palette Builder wonderful color tool, to find the perfect match!
Now my favorite Yellow and Pink from Aurifil is their Variegated thread, so I made my spools out of multiple fabrics for those spools.
4660 Pink Taffy, I use so much of this thread, it's crazy!

4658 Limoni di Monterosso
But my all time favorite color is Dove #2600
2600 Dove, works with everything, can only get one color get this one!
Did you notice I changed background fabric, yup, I was working along using Kona Snow (my favorite "white" fabric to use) and then when I was auditioning fabrics to represent Aurifil #6736 (my new favorite dark thread) it was up against my color blue and I realized that Kona Graphite made all the pretty rainbow colors POP!
Colors Pop off of the Graphite Background and the Aurifil #6736 matches very well
Sadly the only other color that I know for sure of as far as the Kona goes is my light blue color, that is Robin Egg, my all time favorite Kona blue color and I matched it with Aurifil #2805.
Mara's Thread Collection Box
 In my Thread collection you will find:
Red: 2250
Orange: 1133
Yellow Variegated: 4658
Green: 5016
Light Blue: 2805
Dark Blue: 6738
Purple: 2520
Pink Variegated : 4660
Grey: 2600
White: 2021
Dark Blue Grey: 6736
and for things I want to be invisible Aurifil Monofilament

If you would like to make your own box of Aurifil you can get one with Busy Needle Quilting, what will you put in your's?

This mini is fun and easy to make, if you would like the pattern you can get it here.

It was windy and off and on rainy as we took photos today, I was hoping for a real rainbow, but no luck there :)

I would also really like to Thank my friend CeLynn for sending me a Bobbin Winder, it was very helpful for making this mini.
I use Aurifil #2600 when quilting the Variegated Threads, I don't want to waste any of the pretty Variegated color in the bobbin.
Linking to the Sew Many Colors Contest with Aurifil
And you can vote for my mini here, if you would like, sadly only 1 vote per person, there are so many great one's good luck picking out your favorite.
Turn your mini into a Sewing Retreat bag, perfect for holding your Aurifil threads, Free tutorial can be found here.