20 February 2012

Quick Trip

Took a quick trip up to Thessaloniki and will probably not be doing it again anytime soon, the kids both got car sick even though we took the more straight and therefor longer road. Nik's sickness was a result of drinking 3 strawberry milkshakes from the Thessaloniki McDonald's, he definitely got my sweet tooth. If Katerina isn't sleeping then she is throwing up, so you can see why I like it when she sleeps through the trip, but this is made impossible by all of the Tolls along the road (total close to 30euros). Where all of the $#@%$$ money goes is the question. Plus on top of that the price of gas, we got 6 gallons for $60 dollars that's right do the math that's $10 a gallon, do you think Americans would pay that much for their gas, HAH. Now you know why everyone is always on strike, just kidding the idiots called greeks aren't gong on strike because of gas prices but because the government took away their 14 month pay, oh wait there are only 12 months in a year. Stupid, Stupid and even more Stupid.

16 February 2012


Okay so two weeks of having snow on the ground has kind of gotten old, even Nik was excited yesterday when it was sunny. This morning we woke up to the first day of no snow or ice on the roads. The town workers cut up some of the trees that had fallen from such heavy snow and they finally picked up the trash (thank goodness our neighborhood is small and the bin didn't fill up until Monday). Our heaviest snowfall here was about 2-3ft, but in some parts of our prefecture they had 10 feet of snow. Since the roads were clear Arthur took off for Ioannina to do some business but then at 1pm it started to snow again. I'm kind of hoping it won't be to much this time because we were expecting to go to Thessaloniki on Friday or Saturday for an exhibition and some McDonald's.

05 February 2012


Coming in from the cold her hands and face are rosy red.
Following me around with the camera as I take layer after layer of clothing off, the shot below is fuzzy but in the next one that I took she was wiping her eyes in exhaustion which then followed a need for her pacifier, so I put the fuzzy shot in.

In order for Kat to go outside on Friday she had to put on many layers. She had 2 t-shirts, a long john outfit from Grandma Peters, a sweater and a snow outfit on, not to bad, I wanted to put on 1 more jacket but she had had enough so we went out to play and it's a good thing too, because yesterday and today it has been rainy.
There are still a few big snow piles, but the snow is slowly melting from all of the rain.

02 February 2012

Nik's Birthday Wish

The neighborhood kids were sliding down the hill on bags and the older ones were using a snowmobile.

All of these pictures were taken on Thursday February 2.
The first day of snow (the one picture above) January 30th, melted quickly as did the second day of snow but on Wednesday it snowed all day and through the night so we got the below amount of snow. This was the farthest that baby Kat got to go. She was not happy about having to stay inside.

I am sure that the reason it has been snowing for 4 days is because Nik wished for it on his birthday.

4 th birthday

Nik turned 4 on Sunday