30 January 2008

Welcome to the World!

Wanted to let everyone know if they hadn't heard yet that
Νικολαος Σακκας

(that's Nickolaos Sakkas to those of us in the states) has arrived.
I am sure once they get settled that we will be able to see pictures of the little guy and Mara will put a much more exciting post together. Until then keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
If you don't get an update for a little while you will know why.
Check the family links for more timely updates.

25 January 2008

Soon to be Mom New Haircut

My hair was getting pretty long and with the advent of a child who might like to pull on my hair I thought it would be a good idea to shorten it a little bit, so here is to my new haircut.
Still no baby, the doctor informed me on Monday that he was a "Big Baby". I don't think he needed to tell me that, I can feel how big he is, I'm thinking close to 9 lbs., this is good for me because I have only gained 22 lbs. so with the birth I'm half way to loosing all of my pregnancy weight, pretty cool, Huh!

17 January 2008

Still No Baby

Arthur and I went to the hospital two days ago with a pain in my chest to find out that it was just stomach burn. I knew it wasn't the baby, so I just kept brave and told Arthur I was fine and there was no need to go to the hospital but after 8 hours of pain I finally broke down and we called our baby doctor, he told us to go see a doctor at the hospital. We were the only ones at the hospital at the time so it was real nice and quite and our doctor spoke English which was even better so I could explain my symptoms and she said it sounded like stomach issues. She gave me some Maalox and 30 minutes later the pain was gone, p.s. the pain feels like someone has left a knife going in from your back out to the front of your chest and then they are taking a belt and tightening it around your chest so you can't breathe. Just in case anyone has this symptom Maalox works great.
The baby is still here.

14 January 2008


The dreaded cankles have arrived, I thought for sure I was going to miss out on this one pregnancy symptom. But alas it showed up last night, Arthur asked if we needed to call the doctor and I said "No, this is just another fun side effect of pregnancy."
For those of you who are wondering, "What are cankles?", this is when your calf becomes indestinct to your ankle, in other words all one big leg. In my case it is actually my CAlf, my aNKle, and my soLE, that's right my cankle includes not only my calf and ankle but also the sole of my foot. I generally have a high arch in my foot but now it is all one swollen hunk all the way down to my little toes, at least my little toes aren't swollen yet!

10 January 2008

Movie and Dinner Date

A movie and dinner date, we haven't been on one of these in a while so it was nice to get out and enjoy the evening. At the movies we watched "I am Legend" with Will Smith, I jumped a few times , it was good, but you can wait untill it comes out on DVD. Movie theatres here cost 7 euros, so about $10, we enjoyed pop-corn for 1.50euro, not a bad price.
Then Arthur and I walked to the restaurant area of downtown Trikala, we eat such great food at home that it is hard to enjoy restaurants, especially since they all serve the same Greek traditional food. I think it would be better if there was more ethnic restaurants to go too, but they all pretty much serve the same thing so we always look for one that serves fish, since we don't eat this much at home. Arthur ordered the calamari - it was the typically frozen straight out of the package type that we have had at other rest., so with no flavor. But I found a winner in their chicken snitzel, the chicken was very tender and the breading was done just right, we also enjoyed an appetizer of mushrooms in a rich red wine sauce. Overall dinner cost 19euros, about $27 and this included 2 appetizers, 2 dinners and 2 desserts. It was a very enjoyable night and will probably never be repeated after the baby is born. Life is soon to change.

Magic Trick

Pregnant - 9 monthsNot Pregnant
I'm a side show, it's all out front and not much anywhere else.
The doctor says the baby is at 7 lbs. and doing very good.