24 December 2017

Winner's and the sicky ickies!

I have my 3 winner's! 
The first winner is from the blog Barbara, she is the sweetest and I am so happy to send her a thread of Aurifil to try.  Congratulations Barbara!

The second winner to try out a spool of Aurifil is Kari_627swaps from Instagram
Congratulations Kari, so excited for you :) 

And the "Grand Prize Winner" of 3 Large spools of Aurifil and 6 FQ's of Art Gallery Fabrics goes to Quilts in Texas on Instagram
Congratulation Hilda! 

Now for an explanation of the delay in getting the winner's out, if you want to read about the sicky ickies you can continue reading :)

It's been a rough 4 weeks, Katerina was sick with a virus of vomiting and diarrhea, but then she also got a cold with a fever and a cough and that is why we ended up in the hospital we couldn't control the fever and in the end she wasn't eating anything.  So we checked into the hospital for 4 days to get her fever under control and to get some fluids in her.  Her cough continued but everything else was cleared up, if you know what I mean ;)

Cute picture of Kat from when she had the sickie ickies, she actually let me take a pic of her :)
Next Nik was home a week with the vomiting and diarrhea :( finally he got over that and then Arthur (my husband) was taken out with the cold of a fever and cough.  And then I got the fever and cough and just was able to drag myself out of bed yesterday after spending the last 4 days tucked up and it's not done yet, Nik now has the fever and cough.  So we are all coughing up a storm here, it has been a true icky month and I hope we will all be healed by the end of December so we can start enjoying ourselves again!

05 December 2017

Mister Domestic's Tool Box and Aurifil Giveaway!

I was so excited to have won Mister Domestic's Aurifil Tool Box, if you don't know who Mathew is, I would suggest you go and check him out.  He is super amazing and always creating something that makes me say ooohhhhh...... you can find his blog here or on Facebook and Instagram as well.

He also does a lot of YouTube videos and even did one about the reason's he picked these 12 colors for his Aurifil Tool Box, go check it out here.
I was going to go into details about the threads, but you can really get all the info you need from his YouTube video, but I do want to share some of this thread.
So first I will be sending 2 threads to 2 different people who have never tried Aurifil before, gasp, what are you waiting for, just kidding.
  Both 50wt and very nice basics, the white white is Aurifil #2024 and what I like to call linen color is Aurifil #2312  Tell me in the comments if you have never tried Aurifil before and if you are a white white kind of sewer or more of a linen girl/guy.
Also I want to give away these 3 colors and 6 FQ's of Art Gallery Fabrics.
A mixture of weights, 50 wt. #2410 my favorite pink, 40wt. #2810 a gorgeous blue and the 28wt #2140 a stunning gold perfect for top stitching.
If you have sewn with Aurifil tell me what is your favorite color?  I use 2021 as my white (more like snow if you use those colors of fabric) and 4241 as my black (it's a blue black matches a lot of lovely fabrics out there) but my favorite blender is the #2600 Dove a nice grey.
Giveaway ends December 15th a Friday.