09 October 2011


Mom's Best Friend Forever is getting baptized next Sunday on the 16th at our favorite church down the road by a distant cousin of Grandma Katerina.Here she is eating one of Mommy's and now her favorite candy a Hot Tamale, I still can't believe that she likes to eat them I think they are a little spicy for someone so young, I brought back 5 boxes. she would like to type fbbh fghhhhhhhhhhhhhhkkccc cc c,mf fh hhhhg vgvhjjjjjjjjjjg, she is such a electronic bug anything that turns on and she wants to touch, Nik is so not interested in the computer but baby Kat most definitely is.
Both kids also inherited my like for raw cookie dough and cake batter in fact they like licking the spatula and beater but not eating the cooked cookies or baked cupcakes.

07 October 2011

American Food pics

Okay not really American food but food you can find in America, for example the Waffle below, I think this is a Belgium created food. I had blueberries (not found in Greece) and raspberries (can find every once in a while) plus a whole lot of whip cream, butter and syrup on mine, yummy. On the Islands you can find some restaurants who serve waffles and this is because of tourism, not because Greek people like to eat them.IN-N-OUT, I like to vote it the best fast food hamburger out there, but that's just me, lovey yummy goodness, food I think always taste better when it is someone else cooking. By the way if you didn't know they now serve chili peppers on the burgers if you ask for them, super yummy especially combined with the fried onions, regular onions and pickles, at least that's the way I eat it. Arthur cooks a pretty good burger, the beef taste delicious but our buns are sadly lacking in taste quality.
Had to have a shake and fries with that, oh and you can get it protein style for those of you looking to avoid wheat (no bun, covered in lettuce).
I had the opportunity to be in Roseville on the day they re-opened the Krispy Kreme doughnut shop, pretty good, but still just way to expensive for my taste buds. I do cook doughnuts at home and they are okay with either a sugar/cinnamon sprinkle or just dipped in honey, so I like my cheaper option, cause flour, sugar, yeast and water don't cost to much.
Ooohhh, Aaahhh, Blueberry muffins, Leslie made these and I think Sarah and I ate them all, yummy! They carried blueberries (frozen) at the super market when I first moved here and if I had known they were going to discontinue them I would have stocked up the freezer like i do with strawberries and peaches.

Chines food, yippee! This delicious creation was courtesy of House of Nanking in San Francisco (ate there twice) the beef was so tender it melted in your mouth, then they had fresh mushrooms and tomatoes on it, but what gave it the great flavor was the massive amounts of basil they tossed into it. You should always try there fried calamari, it is the most tender calamari I have ever tasted and in a light and refreshing spicy lemon sauce.
PIZZA, what can I say I had to eat pizza, Greeks do not know how to cook pizza and I would really suggest that you try to avoid it while here, we have only found one good place at that's in Thessaloniki, so if you are going there we can give you directions.
Bar-B-Q, I had it a couple of times and while I make a killer Bar-B-Q ribs recipe, like I said it's nice when someone else is cooking. These little bundles of Barby where yum, jalapeno's stuffed with shredded beef and wrapped in bacon and covered in barbeque sauce, yumyumyum!Bar-b-q ribs and baked beans at Grandma and Grandpa's retirement home, pretty darn good food and not bland at all and I asked for double portion.

Mexican food, once again not found in Greece, I like it.
These are my food travels while stateside, I missed eating a lot of foods but I got to enjoy a lot that I don't get to eat while here, good travels.