07 April 2018

Easy Quilter's Washi Card

This is by far the easiest card you can ever make, super simple.  If your favorite fabric designer is Alison Glass or Tula Pink, you can find their fabrics in my Etsy shop as Fabric Washi.
Supplies: Quilter's Fabric Washi, Stamp, Ink Pad, Card Stock and zigzag Scissors/Pinking shears (optional)

First Trim your Quilter's Washi Tape with the zigzag Scissors, this step is optional, but I think it adds just a bit of fun to the fabric washi.  I cut my strips to 2" and then trimmed around them.

Next stamp your image on the fabric, you may want to test your ink first to make sure it shows up on the fabric, I used some Craft and Every Surface ink that I happened to already have on hand.
Then just peel the tape backing off and place it on your card, see easy peasy!
I also used the Quilter's Washi Tape in Alison Glass's 2018 SunPrints
To make this Pennant card, using the Diatom print.
You can pick up your favorite Fabric washi in my shop MaraCreates!