18 January 2007

a word from arthur

Hello, to all the family and friends in the United States.
I guess everyone is concerned about Maras adventure in Greece. Well she doesnt feel greek yet hahaha........ but she is trying to learn the Greek language.
Good news, Mara and I are getting married in March 2007,
we just need to get some papers done. We are going to the American embassy next week and afterwards we will take the papers to the town hall to arrange our civil marriage. The date will be set by the Mayor.


Eric said...

Great news. Will be an exciting spring for our families since now, in addition to the two new kids we're expecting, we'll also be getting a new brother!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mara, Congrats! It is so great keeping track of Tim's family this way.

By the way I am Cathy, Rhonda's sister.

Take care.