07 May 2007

A Day in the Life of Mara

Mara starts her day by waking up around 9am, she walks down to the Koka Roka to clean the rooms, from the guests who have left that day. Mara makes the beds and mops, Arthur shakes the covers and sweeps the floors.

Mara goes shop therapy, checking out the goods at the street market. Today she bought fresh strawberries and a few flowers to plant in the garden.

Watering the garden in the afternoon, after planting the flowers that she bought earlier at the street market.
To be continued........


Anonymous said...

Good work, Mara
See I told you making your bed and yardwork would come in handy someday. And oh the strawberries...you didn't have to pick them? Love, Ma

Anonymous said...

Hey Mara, Where are you? Tell me more about your day/work.
Love, Ma

Eric said...

Yeah - you've been making that bed for almost a month now. Get blogging! Just kidding, I'm sure you've just been having too much fun :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mara, please let Rhonda know that everything is going great at the homestead in Rocklin!! Rocky brought me a wonderful surprise the other morning, a dead rodent!! So sweet of Rocky to be thinking of me.
Hope all is well over there in your part of the world. I love reading your blog and seeing the wonderful photos! Cheers, Jody