10 November 2008

Night Out

Arthur and I went out yesterday for a little time away. We rushed off in a hurry to see the "Quantum of Solace" movie at the new mall. Bond, James Bond was the first movie Arthur and I saw when he came to visit me in the States over Thanksgiving 2006, so this was kind of an Anniversary day out. I took things a little to far though in the food arena, first I had a crepe filled with bacon, chicken, mushrooms and cream. Arthur and I shared a few feta filled pastries and a salad and he ate two burgers and fries. But the place that I went a little above board was in the ice-cream, I had the plate with four scoops, caramel, strawberry, pistachio, cookies-and-cream, some whip cream on top with a few slices of apple and kiwi fruit drizzled with caramel and crunchy nuts. Arthur had two small spoon fulls and I gobbled up the rest before it could melt. Ohhhh! what a tummy ache, I felt full all the way up to my mouth. We walked around the mall even though all of the shops where closed, one and half hours later it was time to see the movie and what kind of movie can you watch without pop-corn and coke. Boy am I glad we don't get out too often, I would be absolutely huge.

The movie was good but the noise was really loud and I kept reaching for the "remote" to turn the volume down, no remote. The fun thing is that the Greeks do a 5 minute intermission at the movie theaters and each time we have seen a movie I think that the reel has broken because it just turns off suddenly. I'm thinking uhoh! and Arthur looks at me and says "you forgot" and I busted up laughing because I did and it's the funniest thing, I could understand if the movies are really long like "Lord of the Rings" but it was pretty short about 2 hours. Although I did like it when I was pregnant because hey you have to pee every hour anyways so it was perfect, but this time I was just like hurry up I want to get home to my baby. How priorities change when you grow up.

Both Grandmas took care of the baby while we were gone and he was very exhausted from all of the attention and was asleep at 7pm, 2 hours earlier than usual. I could get used to having Mom here full time, it's pretty nice.


Jeanie said...

It's always nice to have extra hands to take care of a toddler. So glad your mom is there to help you and give you some much needed R and R!

Valerie & Bryan said...

Glad you had a nice day out - sounds like alot of fun!