30 March 2009

Goldy Locks

He is so sad that he is soon to loose his lovely golden curls, we are going to cut his hair tonight in preparation for our Hospital stay tomorrow. Actually he is upset because I was trying to take a picture of the back of his head and he is a complete camera hog and wanted to be front and center for the photos. Tourist have also given him camera time and he loves that. Notice his back teeth the space in between has new teeth coming out also, so soon he will have 16 teeth, they seem to grown so quickly.
Our final surgery will be on Friday, if this visit goes like the previous ones this is how it breaks down.

1st day- Check in, take blood samples for assorted test.
2nd day- X-ray of colon by placing contrasting fluid inside of colon, very painful.
3rd day- Special probe tool used to push open the anus, also extremely painful.
4rth day- Surgery, yeah.

Arthur just told me a funny story: When Katerina takes Nik to visit our neighbor Fotini, he goes directly to the fridge. Why? Because he has seen Fotini remove the chocolate that she gives him from there, I'm just glad he hasn't learned how to open her fridge like he does ours.


Jeanie said...

Will keep little Nik in our prayers. He is such a little trooper.

Bryan did the same thing when he was little. One time he saw me get donuts out of the pantry for him and everytime after that, he would go to the pantry and ask for donuts.

Nik's hair has a curl? So cute. It will grow out again.

We will keep you busy when you come to see us! Are you and Arthur going to cook some Greek food for us?

GeGe said...

We will be praying. Also, his hair looks alittle red - when will these genes stop : ).

Anonymous said...

We will also be praying for you. I am sure you have good doctors who will take good care of Nik. Keep us posted. Love Grandma Doris