24 May 2009

Last Week

No pictures, just writing about life. We went on a Sunday drive last week up to the lake, enjoyed a good lunch at a place that cuts the meat right in front of you and then cooks it, fun. Arthur hurt his back and has pretty much been out of commission all week, poor guy, it's slowly getting better with the help of some drugs. Nik is enjoying the summer heat and is outside pretty much all day or at least for about 4-5 hours, I need to find some sunblock. He's extremely intelligent and loves helping out, but he is also very independent and if he has his mind stuck on something there is no changing it. He knows the difference between what we put in the trash and what we put in the recycling. He plugged in the vacuum yesterday, while I was in the bathroom. He can walk up and down stairs without help and does it very quickly. He's pretty easy to entertain, all you need is a watering hose and some water. I can't wait to take him to the ocean, hopefully soon now that the heat is setting in.
Nik's babtism is going to be June 14th, everyone is invited, hahaha! But seriously if you would like to come you are more than welcome. It will be a small celebration in Greek terms, maybe 40-50 people, of course we will be eating lamb along with burgers, potatoes, tzatziki and greek salad.


Leslie said...

We'll all be there in spirit. We'll have to celebrate when we can. Love, Grandma Peters

Jeanie said...

Has Arthur tried ice packs on his back? That works good for me.

Sounds like Little Nik is into everything. Hope he won't try the scissors in the electrical outlet like Ryan did when he was little! ~~~~ zzzzZap!