27 June 2009

Just went on a walk

I just went on a walk with Nik and one of our neighbors and her granddaughter who is a little older than Nik. Nik is such a wonderful boy, he held hands with the little girl for a while and then when we parted ways he gave her two big hugs and a kiss in the air (smawh). So adorable, he then gave me hugs and kisses all of the way back to KokaRoka.
All of the children in the neighborhood that are Nik's age (well they are a couple of months older) are girls, he likes two of them and the other two he doesn't really want to do anything with. He still likes the older girls too and will chase them around, with the older boys in the neighborhood he just watches them play and wants to join in when they are playing soccer.
So the future holds a womanizing soccer player, ohmy!


Jeanie said...

What a sweet lovable little boy! Cherish these times.

Leslie said...

He's so cute! Mara, could you send me your address again? I've lost it. I've got a box of clothes a few other things to send to you. Thanks! (leslie_capron@yahoo.com)

Tindy said...

He's so hansome!