23 July 2009

First Night Lefkada Vacation

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We took off quickly on Sunday afternoon after a baptism for Lefkada Island, you can drive onto the island via a underwater tunnel and then a bridge. The picture above and below is a quick pit stop for some coffee and so Nik could run around and eat some chocolate from the baptism.
This is a view of Lefkas village and the mainland in front.
You can see the bridge to the left.
We stopped in Kathisma beach at a hotel called Sirios, it was the best place we stayed at, the view was absolutely "far out" (Arthur's favorite words during this trip) with wonderful sandy beach, unfortunately the waves and wind were to rough for the baby so he swam in the pool.
View from the room
The hotel
The sunset
Beach at sunset
Swimming in the pool, we could only stay one night, they were full for the next night. A total bummer, especially since we didn't find a nicer place. They had even provided us with a cot for baby to sleep in, very nice hotel.


Jeanie said...

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Eric said...

Wonderful pictures. Great to see all of you having a great time. Can't wait to play with Nik at the beach. Looks like he's just like his cousins and loves throwing rocks into the ocean.

Eric said...

Hey - you still using your yahoo email? Check it. Have a friend visiting your neighborhood in two weeks. Need some suggestions.

Tindy said...

What a fun trip and gorgeous area.

Love the pics!

The weather here has been fantastic this summer too.

Jeanie said...

Is anybody home? We want pictures and stories....I'm sure your are not too busy to enlighten us with your photos of your family and the beautiful countryside. :)