23 October 2009


A new IKEA opened up in Larissa, so of course we had to go on opening day. Larissa is about one and a half hours away from Kalampaka and now pretty much has everything one could possibly need.
Here Nik is enjoying a kiddie bed, no prompting needed he was tired and if there weren't so many people walking by he would have gone to sleep. He also had fun playing with the toys that they had out and he could not be separated from a stuffed dog, so of course that was one of our purchases.
We had lunch in the IKEA restaurant (not very good, the pasta was like rubber) but they gave us a free ticket for some ice cream and they were handing out Fantas when we exited.

I would also like to tell everyone that Nik is speaking a new word almost every day. So far we have: cracker, coke, soccer, asteri (star), jacke (jacket). He also likes to make all of the animal sounds and we go on drives to see chickens, horses, lambs, turkeys and goats. The fun part is when we serve meat he makes the sound of what he is eating, he likes kookoo (chicken), ba (lamb), and moo (cow/beef). He also makes the sound for fish but I don't know how to write that one down.

See you soon.


Jeanie said...

I love IKEAs stuff, but I hate the maze that you have to go through to see everything. The closest one here is in Frisco, DFW area.

Anonymous said...

we are also IKEA junkies! love that store! good thing we've got one up the road in Round Rock. That ice cream looks pretty good too!