08 October 2010

Baby Kat 4 months old

Here she is in a sweater that Arthur wore 40 years ago, I have a photo of Arthur in this sweater and they look very similar. The Nike pants are from Jon and Kelly and the cute shoe/socks are from Auntie Jeanie all in Texas. Both Kat and I love her little rocker chair that Dad and Rhonda bought, it lets her sit up and look out at the world.
Such beautiful skin.
Always wiggling.
And Talking.
Oops done with this photo shoot!

looking at the past when Nik was 4 months old.


Jeanie said...

Oh so sweet! Looks like you have a mini me, Mara Jr.

Jennifer said...

Hi Baby Kat, You do look beautiful. Love, Grandma Peters

Anonymous said...

Baby Kat is really super cute!!