01 May 2011


In Greece they use the ladybug a lot to advertise for Easter so her is our lovely daughter in her ladybug outfit from Aunt Jeanie. We are all dressed up to go out and have a candle lit at midnight, the night before Easter but only Nik and I could stay awake.
So Nik and I went to the church at 11:30 but it was to early to have our candle lit so we returned home and then went out again at midnight. We ended up staying up till 1Am boy was I tired.
Here's his silly face when I asked him to smile and a little bit better picture below.
The next morning (Easter day) I guess baby Kat was feeling a little tired too because here she is trying to get her father's morning frappe coffee. We had a small Easter egg hunt at home, Nik enjoyed it immensely and hid the eggs 3 more times, once by himself, then me and his father. No pictures of this, Sorry.
Here's her pretty blue eyes, playing with Daddy's motorbike, great fun and very dirty.
Grandma Katerina did Lamb in the oven with potatoes, both children enjoyed it and so did the adults.
Nik chowing down on the great lunch and a fresh salad, his favorite vegetable the cucumber.
I made a strawberry Charlotte dessert, layers of cake, pudding, whip cream and of course strawberries.


Jeanie said...

Good pictures. Does Kat have a cold? The kids are growing up so fast~ The dessert looks yummy.

mara said...

No she doesn't have a cold but she is allergic to something and she gets red around the nose and mouth. We are having a hard time finding the culprit, since she eats alot and everything.