23 July 2011

Pool Time and Hose Play

The kids are spending the majority of their time naked and in some kind of water. We purchased a blow up pool and as you can see it is pretty big. We go in pretty much every afternoon for about an hour and then they spend another 20 minutes in the bathtub with warmer water to warm up, this pool only gets about 2 hours of sun so it's not enough to heat up the water.

Here's Grandma cutting up and feeding watermelon while the kids play with the water hose out in front of KokaRoka (this way they won't be sticky after eating) and once again they are naked.
If they aren't naked then they are wearing a tank top and diaper, we sometimes think Nik is out of diapers and then we have a set back with a pooping issue. I do get them dressed up when we go on planned walks but sometimes we go outside and just end up walking and then they might not be dressed so well. A few days ago this happened and we walked down to the corner store that sells ice-cream both kids just in tank and diapers on the way home the church water hose was on so they both jumped in and got soaking wet. We ended up walking the rest of the way home with them both completely naked and saw the priest on the way.

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