09 October 2011


Mom's Best Friend Forever is getting baptized next Sunday on the 16th at our favorite church down the road by a distant cousin of Grandma Katerina.Here she is eating one of Mommy's and now her favorite candy a Hot Tamale, I still can't believe that she likes to eat them I think they are a little spicy for someone so young, I brought back 5 boxes. she would like to type fbbh fghhhhhhhhhhhhhhkkccc cc c,mf fh hhhhg vgvhjjjjjjjjjjg, she is such a electronic bug anything that turns on and she wants to touch, Nik is so not interested in the computer but baby Kat most definitely is.
Both kids also inherited my like for raw cookie dough and cake batter in fact they like licking the spatula and beater but not eating the cooked cookies or baked cupcakes.


Jeanie said...

Cute little Kat! I was wondering what all food items you brought back with you to Greece. What besides Hot Tamales?

mara said...

Chocolate Almond Milk, Chocolate Soy Milk, Ester-C (for nik)Pumpkin Pie filling, almond butter, herbs, teas and hot tamales (for me) and canned ravioli (for arthur)

mara said...

I forgot to buy pecans, I wanted to make pecan pie this Thanksgiving but we will have to settle for Pumpkin. I also forgot to get Arthur his Tiger Balmsam for his back, and I left a chocolate bar in Eric's fridge, I hope he eats it.