02 February 2012

Nik's Birthday Wish

The neighborhood kids were sliding down the hill on bags and the older ones were using a snowmobile.

All of these pictures were taken on Thursday February 2.
The first day of snow (the one picture above) January 30th, melted quickly as did the second day of snow but on Wednesday it snowed all day and through the night so we got the below amount of snow. This was the farthest that baby Kat got to go. She was not happy about having to stay inside.

I am sure that the reason it has been snowing for 4 days is because Nik wished for it on his birthday.

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Jeanie said...

Wow, it is beautiful snow! I don't think we are going to have much of a winter. It ws 76 degrees here today. Makes me kind of worried about another hot, dry summer! Enjoy the snow and the fun that comes with it!