04 June 2012

Grandma Doris

My Grandma Doris passed away on May 30th, I guess she was pretty sick the last couple of weeks so it is good that she is no longer in pain.  She kept a dress of mine from when I was little and Kat has been wearing it, I wish I could have sent her a picture before she passed but instead I will just share it with the rest of you.

It's the neatest dress ever since it is reversible, so if she gets one side dirty I can just turn it inside out and she can wear it a little longer.  Katerina is always so busy looking around that it is hard to get a picture of her looking directly at me.  She turns 2 on Friday, I can't believe how big she is getting.  To Grandma Doris may she rest in peace, all our love to her.

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Jeanie said...

Mara, so glad that Doris saved one of your old dresses. Kat looks adorable in it.

Your Grandma Doris was a very dear lady. I have many wonderful memories of her.