02 July 2012

Corfu Pictures Part 1- Beaches

 Our first beach stop was on the west side of the island and a little south of Corfu town, in the beach area called Agios Gordios, a lot of Dutch people there.  The waves were a little rough and the rocks continued into the water with some big boulders along the way, making it difficult for the kids to get in. 
 Nik loved riding the waves with Dad

Kat liked throwing the rocks and feeling the surf come in around her toes.

This cozy beach is right in the middle of Corfu Town, we didn't dip in, but it looked refreshing.

A great beach to get to, only a 15 minute drive north of Corfu town, called Ipsos Beach.

The waters were fairly calm with small pebbles on the beach and then sand in the water, perfect for the kids.

 Some great beaches driving north of Ipsos, we spent the night in Nissaki beach but the rocks were really big at that beach so we left after one night.
 We ate dinner in Kalami, a great little village with 3 restaurants right on the water.

 The view from our hotel in Nissaki

The view of Ipsos beach from above.

The above and below shots are of Sidhari, a great beach for kids, all sand and it goes out really far at a shallow depth.

 I took a few shots of beaches on our drive back down to Corfu town

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