09 February 2014

Sunday Stash

Last year when we went to the States my husband gave me $500 "to buy what I wanted", well I bought 2 pairs of shoes and spent the rest on fabric :)  I had $150 left after the trip since I didn't get a chance to go to Intrepid Thread while in SanFrancisco so I did some after Christmas shopping and got some great deals.

One such deal was at an Etsy shop called Sprightly Fabrics, I believe her fabric side of the business is closing down and she is working more on her felt shop.  She has FQ's for a dollar, it is a mixed bunch and you don't know what you are getting and I still don't know all of what I got, but here is what arrived.
I picked up 28 FQ's for $28.
Plus I put in some products from her felt store to fill up the package.
It was well worth it, they are great fabrics, lots of AGF, my fav!  Luxe in Bloom- AGF, Happy land - Free Spirit, Verona - Riley Blake

She still has this deal going on, plus she has yardage marked at $2.50, I am debating, mmm.. love, love fabric.
In fact I am linking to Sunday Stash, cause I love looking at other peoples stash too, and this week it is at Kate Quilts.
My favorites are these 2 prints.

Not sure what this one is, but I love it.
My darling friend Amanda found it, it is Paris & Company, My Mind's Eye Ice Cream Cones
Splendor by Bari J for AGF, a bluish grey with peach mustard yellow and other colors.


Glinda ♥ said...

Gosh, what an absolute bargain! I rarely find fabric in the sale :( I'm clearly not looking hard enough! Enjoy sewing with all that loveliness :)


So Beautiful, I have purchased from Sprightly before,, I know she loves fabric. I have to watch my fabric budget, I am saving money for grease, but this temping..


I resisted YEA !! $20.oo in my fund........

fenna said...

nice! I'd be so curious to look into other people's stashes in person :)

DeborahGun said...

I saw this sale and was so tempted too, but have to stick to my fabric fast!! Love the icecream print - haven't seen that one before. Enjoy :-)

Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs said...

What a deal! And you got some really neat FQs out of it. Enjoy!

Melissa said...

What an amazing deal. You got some fabulous fabrics!

AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

Love those ice cream cones...delish :) Nice stash additions at such a great deal!