11 June 2014

WIP- Northern Lights Quilt

I love my fabrics, 
I love my quilt pattern, 
The ruler is awesome,
but the designer (me) is failing completely.

This is what I am working on.
I had my pretty Mixteca fabrics and when I saw the pattern Northern Lights, I said that is the perfect pattern for these beautiful fabrics.  Amanda sent me the ruler and pattern last week (got it on my birthday).
It was easy to cut up the fabrics with the ruler and I got all of that done yesterday.  
But now I am unsure of what I should do, in my head I had it looking like this.
My husband says it is too busy
So then I was thinking of making one side 
out of just the blue and green colored fabrics
and the other side of the quilt
The pink and orange, then it would be like a double sided quilt.
or I could put pink on top and the blues on the bottom.
Do you like my design wall?  
It's also called the bed and the hubby would like to take his nap on it now, 
but I told him I was working, lol.

Any help, criticism, or whatever would be great, this is of course not the full size of the quilt, 
the rows across is correct but take the picture above I would need to do 6 more rows,
for a total of 12 rows down.
Oh no I just thought of another way to do it, gotta go see how it will look.
oh and I want to have this completed by Friday for the Challenge
going on over at Sew Sweetness, the Jaybird Quilts Sew Along
And if you haven't entered in my Big Birthday Bash giveaway, go on over and do so.


*Cornelia* said...

oh i love the pattern, this ruler is on my list lol, my ever growing list
and I think its far too busy, you should put some coordinating solids in between, coz right now its quite hard to tell where which fabric starts and ends
just my opinion
curious what others think

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Embrace the busyness and keep it mixed as in your first photo

Lorna McMahon said...

As a suggestion... What about the addition of some solids? Help to settle things down a bit. Love those fabrics!

Lisa in Port Hope said...

I think you need other scale prints (larger or smaller) - or solids - added in so that you can see the piecing. I like the mix of warm and cool.

myrtovl said...

I also think you should use some solids also so that your fabrics show better.

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mara! I agree with your husband that those are too busy all together. If you want to use some of those prints, at least throw in some solids as a dividing line so-to-speak. You eye has no place to rest with all those busy prints. Plus if you did a row of a print with a row of a solid it would help to really show the print off better. Those prints are all the same scale and colors so your eyes keep jumping around to see the pattern of the quilt as well as the fabric prints. I see others have also suggested some solid fabrics too.

Mary said...

VERY interesting! The "too busy" arrangement is the best!

Janine said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Mara :) I'm so hopeless deciding things like this that I could probably make all three quilts in the time I spend arranging and rearranging blocks and considering the options. I think a two sided quilt would be nice but I also think once you've got more blocks cut the 'busy' version will probably tone down a lot...Good luck deciding :)

Catrin Lewis said...

Another ne on the 'adding solids' camp I'm afraid!! I thnk that it would stop the quilt from being so busy and that you'd actually be able to see the prints better. And just think - if you add solids you'll have more Mixteca scraps to make a little extra something with! Xx